Not My Post Of The Week #2 More People Need To Dance In Their Underwear

It’s been about two months since I’ve last done this even though when I started it my intentions were to do it every week because I read some great blogs every week and not only do they bring up great things I have opinions on, but also, and more importantly, I like to link to them so other people will read their great writing. Unfortunately like always I got lazy and didn’t keep up with it. I often try to think of blog posts I could do this for, but for some reason nothing ever seems like the right choice – probably because finding the right choice means I would have to start working on it and that means I wouldn’t be able to be lazy, and that’s no fun.

Tonight, however, when I thought about it one blog post came straight to mind. I love reading funny stuff, and interesting stuff, and learning and all that great crap, but the reason I started reading blogs was for emotion. I like reading about people’s life’s, and there’s nothing better then when they convey the emotions they’re going through onto me. And this post did exactly that. is filled with lots of emotional and funny posts, the one that I’m speaking of at this moment is entitled Lonely Friday Night. I’ve linked to it so go read it. You have no excuse not to. Plus it’s not very long, which seems appealing, but when you’re done reading it you’ll be thinking, “damn, I wish that was longer.” And then you’ll go and read the rest of her posts, and you’ll be overcome with joy, and sorrow, and laughter, and wondering why you’re still reading her blog when you should be in bed getting some sleep for work or school tomorrow, but then you’ll say, “fuck it, I can go on just three hours of sleep,” and then you’ll continue to read some more. And then you’ll subscribe to her blog and you’ll continue to read and love all her new posts. And then four months from now you’ll wonder how you even stumbled across her blog. And then you’ll say, “oh yeah, it was when I was reading that loser kids post.” And then you’ll remember you never finished it. And then you’ll come back here and you’ll start reading this post again right about…

Now this post from her seems simple at its core, right? Wrong. The repetitiveness of “I will” is really what I think makes this piece great and puts extra emotion into the reader. She doesn’t just list what she will do like, “I will drink green tea and then cuddle with my cat and then watch south park and then dance in my undergarments.” It’s “I will drink green tea. I will be cuddly wuddly with my kitty witty. I will laugh my finely tuned butt off at southpark. I will dance like a crazy hobo in my undergarments,” only her words were much better than mine. The point is that the constant use of ‘I will’ keeps putting the reader in the moment and sets them up to feel the emotions she’s describing that she’ll go through.

That may be complete and utter bullshit. I was trying to take a didactic approach to why reading her blog gave me such emotion, when perhaps it may just be some supernatural thing. Perhaps some kind of energy is transferred from her fingers onto the keyboard and into the text and then from the text it makes its way into my eyeballs and then into my brain where it’s converted into emotion in some kind of unexplainable process that defies all science? Either way I loved her post. But enough about her, let’s talk about me…wait, did anybody else hear that? (that was the sound of every single reader turning away from this internet page because they wanted to hear more about her).

I guess my nights are always lonely. I think about it a lot. I try not to. It’s hard not to. I’ve spent my entire childhood not being able to wait until I had a girl in my life, and of course I jinxed myself into spending almost every single night of my life alone, at least physically. I’m often accompanied by TV shows, or music, or the people on my yahoo messenger list, or about three times a month Eva on the phone, or my kitties wreck havoc on my room and annoy me to death, but they know that I really love it because it keeps me from focusing on other things.

I write to ward off loneliness. Isn’t that funny? Not like funny ‘haha,’ but more like funny as in not really funny. The fact that writing which is quite possibly the loneliest process is what I do to not be lonely. Even funnier, again not funny haha but funny sad, most of the time I write I’m writing about being lonely. What the hell kind of logic is that? “I’m feeling lonely tonight. I know what will cure me, I’ll write about feeling lonely, then I won’t feel so lonely.” Somehow it works for me.

But enough about me (no one was paying attention anyway) as is appropriate. They should all be off at reading Lonely Friday Night and her other posts, for those are far superior to this writing and that’s a guarantee, and if you don’t agree then I’ll give you back the four minutes you spent reading this. That’s an impossible guarantee you say? Well makes perfect sense since it would be impossible for you not to like her writing.


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2 Responses to Not My Post Of The Week #2 More People Need To Dance In Their Underwear

  1. I just feel in love with you haha

    • Danniel says:

      Yes, my evil plan has worked to perfection. Kidding. Although I do wish that ‘haha’ was wiped away from the end of your comment. Kidding again. I kid far too much. Words never work out well for me. I’ll just describe what happened when I read your comment.”

      *blushes* *dies from blushing too much*

      Or something close to that.

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