#47 There’s Still No Damn Pillow Under My Ass

#47 We Will Erase All Life On Earth But Us by Say Anything

There are a lot of living things that I would like erased from this planet, Osama Bin Laden, pretty much all insects, that annoying dog next door, that guy who left a comment on my blog calling me a douche because I don’t like How I Met Your Mother, but I’m not sure I would want all life erased on Earth but you and I. Granted I don’t exactly know who the specific you at this moment is, and I’m sure you’re a fantastic person, but I just don’t think I can handle it from an internal standpoint, so what I’m trying to say is that it’s not you, it’s me. I’m breaking up with you and all hope we once had of getting along in this end of life as we know it scenario I just made up is now gone.

I don’t really know what to write about. Not just now, but it’s been a recurring theme for what must be the past couple of weeks. It might have to do with the stupid schedule I’ve been on. I’ve been going to sleep around five or six every morning and not waking up til like three, or sometimes five at night. It throws off everything I would like to do. It’s seven thirty at night and I’m sitting here in a bathrobe because I didn’t take a shower until five thirty (so you had two hours to put some real clothes on?) I’m a busy man, I had to browse the internet and sit on this wooden chair I brought into my room because I thought it would be more productive if I had an actually seat to sit on rather than my bed, unfortunately that hasn’t been the case. At most my ass just hurts more.

I hate when I think of something that might be a good idea but I don’t act on it immediately and then I forget about it and then I remember it again but I still don’t act on it immediately even though I know last time when I didn’t act on it immediately I forgot it. Just this moment when I wrote about my ass hurting I wondered why I didn’t just put a pillow on the chair, and then I remembered that I was going to do that yesterday but I didn’t and instead of getting the pillow just now I kept writing this. This is certainly a quality to hate about myself. It happens a lot with me and I’m trying to change it, and I’m making progress. The old me would have never even got the pillow and placed it under my ass. But with the new me I can look forward to that pillow under my buttocks in a matter of weeks. I can’t wait.


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One Response to #47 There’s Still No Damn Pillow Under My Ass

  1. I love love love love love this band.
    And this song.

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