#49 Tinkerbells is the name of my balls…because I spend my entire day tinkering with them.

#49 Above Me by Rufio

I’m assuming when you think Rufio you don’t think punk rock band from the Early 00s (2000s to be extra specific). Well not me. Only secondary is the thought of that punk kid leader of the Lost Boys who (spoiler alert) dies in the 1991 Peter Pan adaptation Hook, starring Dustin Hoffman, Robin Williams and of course a young Julia Roberts as Tinkerwhore (it’s bell, Tinkerbell) not in the version I watched (which is?) the fantasies I have in bed before sleeping at night.

By the way I IMDBed the dude who played Rufio, Dante Basco, and his updated picture looked super familiar. And when I looked to see what he’s been in since Hook wouldn’t you know he has 76 credits as an Actor, so no wonder he looks familiar (like 90% of his actor credits are doing voice over for animated stuff)  I could have recognized his voice and manufactured the correct face to it. But to any of you Entourage fans out there, in the episode where Turtle wants some rare sneakers, also lesser known as shoes, Rufio plays the sneaker designer Fukijama. So now every time I watch that episode, which will be never again, I’ll think of Ru…fi…oooooooooooooooooo.

Speaking of Rufio, this is another one of those bands that has lost weight with me as my music tastes have broadened (the tastes haven’t really broadened, there’ve just been a lot more discoveries of bands, but mostly within the same genre). I almost never listen to Rufio anymore. I only have three of their songs on my Ipod. Above Me, One Slow Dance – which is a great song – and some other song, probably Still. I’m not a big punk fan, and I’m not entirely sure why Rufio stuck out to me when I was younger. I loved this song and One Slow Dance – how I first discovered those songs I’m not sure – and then I bought the album and listened to it a bunch and I guess I just continued listening to it a bunch until I discovered better bands.

Ah, just the position I like my Tinkerbells in.

I always took exception to the line, “To look at the mountains so vast and great, is one step above in seeing your face.” What the hell. He is saying looking at a huge rock is better than seeing this chicks face? Granted I don’t know what this chick looks like. I don’t want to be mean to any girls out there so I’ll throw out a random name, but unless the chick is Joan Rivers I don’t see how looking at a mountain could be better, and I’m a person who loves looking at mountains. On cloudless days here in Portland we get a great view of Mt. Hood, and I’m awestruck by it every time. By it’s not as great as looking at a girls face. When I look at mountains I’m never stopped in my tracks thinking about how badly I’d like to jizz on its face – just to be clear I don’t do that with girls, and just to be clear on that by ‘that’ I don’t mean jizz on their faces, I definitely don’t do that because I’ve had what’s the closest to zero sexual experiences with girls, but I meant I don’t think about jizzing on their faces, mostly because if I’m in a position to jizz on a girls face I probably like her a lot because I don’t know if I’ll ever become the guy who just has sex with random girls, but rather I’d probably be dating her and later when I go to kiss her all I’ll be thinking about is how I jazzed on her face and then I’ll start laughing and then she’ll break up with me, and I didn’t mean to put ‘jazzed’, the computer changed jizzed into jazzed and I decided to leave it because I like it better.


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