#50 A Former Number One

#50 Grass Is Green by Tony Rich

Compared to the songs previously featured on this list you might be surprised to know that this is undoubtedly the song I have listened to most over the course of my life. However if we were just counting the last five years I’m not even sure it would crack the top 500. Because of that I can’t put it very high on the list, but also because it spent a good six or seven years as my favorite song I can’t put it too low, and after much deliberation I decided to place it right at fifty.

When I was younger I used to listen to R&B and Rap all the time. I’m not entirely sure why (because you thought it would make you cool, and also you wanted to be black) the latter hasn’t changed, I have however given up on trying to be cool. Some of my favorites included Dr. Dre, Ma$e, Eminem – although I hated to like him because he was white, but his first album was too funny to deny – Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Jay-Z – who originally had a song on my list but I took it off super last minute – Next – who should have had a song on the list but I’m embarrassed by it for some reason – but my ultimate favorite was Tony Rich, most prominently known for that Nobody Knows song.

I always felt some resentment towards that song because it was all anybody ever knew Tony Rich for, no offense Tony Rich, and definitely don’t take offense to what I’m about to say. In fact I bet if you played that song, not only now but like nine or tens years ago, people would recognize it but not too many of them would be able to name the singer. I was angry that all these people loved that song but they didn’t know any of the other songs by Tony Rich that I liked, especially Grass Is Green which was my favorite song.

I’ve sort of always been like that. My favorite basketball players aren’t/weren’t the best players on their team (Travis Outlaw, Donte Cunningham, Ron Harper, Malik Sealy), my favorite shows are usually never that popular and canceled relatively soon (Arrested Development, News Radio, Party Down, Veronica Mars), and my favorite songs from bands aren’t their most popular ones (songs to appear later on the countdown so they won’t appear here).

I don’t think I purposely like things less popular because I want to have a unique taste. I think it’s easy to say you like something less popular and hate something extremely popular, for example saying you like Kate Nash and hate Lady Gaga (which is actually a fact, Kate Nash is better than Lady Gaga), but I don’t think you can lie to yourself and hate something popular if you really actually think it sounds good. I’m embarrassed to admit I like some Ke$ha songs because I’m not really fond of the approach she has taken as a musician – although I don’t see why there should be anything wrong with it – but some of her songs are God damn catchy, and I can’t deny that to myself no matter how much I would like to. Conversely I can’t force myself to like songs from a band not well known just so I can point out to others how unique my taste in music is compared to everyone else’s, and therefore somehow more meaningful. I can however genuinely like music from a lesser known band and then point out to others how unique my taste in music is compared to everyone else’s, therefore somehow making it more meaningful. Listen to Mansions people!


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