#53 Freakish by Saves The Day

I once said that if I wrote song lyrics they would be closest to that of Saves The Day. Not necessarily a compliment or a put down. I just found they often times were cheesy and probably not as meaningful as they were trying to be, which I think is how I come across. That being said I don’t think they’re bad lyrics, I just don’t think they’re as good as the other bands that I would put in my top ten favorite bands. I don’t know if Saves The Day is in my top ten favorite bands anymore, and one of the reasons for that is that they don’t have any songs that really stick out to me.

Saves The Day has a lot of songs I like, but no songs I really love. Even this song is probably ranked higher than it should be. So it’s hard to say how much I really like this band, and if I like them better than I like Kevin Devine who I probably like only about ten songs from, but two of them I really love, one of which might end up being in the top ten of this list. But we’ll talk about that when we get there.

The video to this song has stuck with me. I remember much of it even though I haven’t watched it in a long time. A way, way long time, because the last time I saw it was on MTV2 back when we had cable. They used to have this show where while one song was playing there would be three songs on the side for the viewers to vote on online and it would show the percentages as they went up and down so as a 14 year old, or however old I was at the time, I found that entertaining and would root for the video I wanted to watch, which at the time was not the one with a bunch of creepy puppets.

I used record the music videos to songs I liked so I could listen to them over and over again without having to wait through a bunch of crappy videos on MTV – this was before I had the internet and well before youtube which I think is definitely the number one place people go to watch music videos – and on one of the tapes, possibly one I still have around here somewhere, I had recorded the song Wasted & Ready by Ben Kweller – alright song, but I’m not sure why there’s a giant fake Strawberry in the video – and it was playing on that voting show and while it was playing the three songs to vote for were some song I forgot, Outside by Staind which I really loved at the time, and Freakish of course by Saves The Day. I wanted Outside to play because they didn’t play that song that much and the song Freakish annoyed me. And for about two minutes Outside was winning by a lot and I was excited, but then in one of the biggest comebacks I had ever seen on the show Freakish ended up winning, I of course didn’t record it, and now I look back on it and find it funny because I only listen to Outside by Staind about once or twice a year, and Freakish is number 53 on my favorite songs of all time list.

Super Bowl Prediction: The Ex Brett Farve’s beat the team led by the twicely accused sex offender.

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