#54 Gay by Stephen Lynch

This song isn’t the most hilarious Stephen Lynch song, and it doesn’t even have the best melody, but it was the first one I ever heard, years and years ago when I was young and obsessed with gay humor, but I’ve matured since then (your recent posts suggest otherwise) well at least now I’m more into highbrow gay humor.

Stephen Lynch is for my money, which granted isn’t worth much, the best comedic singer in the existence of the universe. And not to put Weird Al down, because as a kid I grew up loving him too, but Stephen Lynch does it from scratch. He didn’t have popular songs he worked off of that made his songs easily assessable. You couldn’t go to a friend and say, ‘you know that Like a Virgin song by Madonna you like so much?’ and your friend would say, ‘whoa, quiet down, no one knows I like her, I don’t want them thinking I’m gay’ (highbrow? I think not) and then you’d say, ‘well this dude did a hilarious parity song of it called Like a Surgeon.’ And then your friend would say, ‘gee golly, I’m gonna listen to that right away.’

I’ve wrote one parity song that has yet to be recorded, and the smart money – which isn’t my money – would suggest it will never be recorded, and co-wrote another parity song, and it’s much easier to do than writing a comedy song from nothing, which I’ve wanted to do and have tried to do and never been successful with. And parity songs are easily liked. Of all the terrible things me and my friends have done that parity song of Justin Timberlake’s Sexy Back we did has been the most well liked. Granted it may be the best thing we’ve ever done, but it’s still crap. It’s not the changes we made to the lyrics that the few people who have liked it have liked. It’s that their brain has related it to the original song, and the liking towards that is now being confused with liking the parity song. It’s not fair. Stephen Lynch is greater than Weird Al, but no one will ever know it, except the hundred of thousands, and possibly millions, of fans Stephen Lynch has. Poor, poor Stephen Lynch.

If you like Weird Al and don’t know who Stephen Lynch is I want you to listen to all of the songs I’m going to mention and hopefully remember to link to. Well maybe not all of them, because I might mention a few too many, but at least give one or two a try based on the sentence or two I say about them.

Dr. Stephen – This is probably my favorite song from a melody standpoint. I just enjoy the guitar so much, which keeps me listening to it despite it really only being funny the first time around.

Talk To Me – based on a specific thing that is often found in my humor you’d think I’d like this song more.

Mother’s Day – short and sweet. Oh so sweet.

Albuquerque – This is actually my favorite Weird Al song. It’s very long and random so don’t listen to it unless you’re extremely bored. My favorite Weird Al parity song is probably Amish Paradise, but that’s probably only because it came out when I was young and first discovering Weird Al.

Baby – don’t listen if you happened to have been, or currently are, an ugly baby. Trust me it can be very heartbreaking for us.

HermAphrodite – Nice guitar work, also funny.

Grandfather – Please, please, oh God please don’t listen to this song if you really love your grandfather. I really love my Grandpa, in fact he’s one of the few people in my family I actually do like, but I have a perverse, quite frankly inappropriate, sense of humor.

Best Friends Song – Oh God I love this song way too much. Something is clearly wrong with me.

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