#56 The Gin War by Cassino

Musically speaking one of the toughest questions I can ask myself is if it was worth Northstar ending in order for the band Cassino to arise? I ask that because Cassino was first brought about when Nick Torres (lead singer and song writer of Northstar) and Tyler Odom (Guitarist and backup singer of Northstar) decided to team up again and try something a little different. Had they only teamed up for Sounds of Salvation, which technically was the only Cassino album they did together, then the answer is easy, I want Northstar still together. But once you throw in Cassino’s second release, Kingprince, which was done without Tyler, the question becomes much tougher.

Fair warning my friends, if I may call you that, which I’m thinking you’d rather not like to think of me as your friend so let’s try that again. Fair warning person who drunkenly stumbled upon this blog at three in the morning while looking for porn, this post probably isn’t going to be as humorous as previous posts have attempted to be because it will contain some actual information, and as most poor writers I too have trouble blending insight with entertainment. Mind you when I say information I don’t mean anything useful, I just mean you might learn a little bit about a couple bands, which is vastly different from how I’ve done this in the past where I rarely mention anything about the band and instead find a way to link the song to masturbation. My personal favorite being a couple posts back where I somehow went from Taking Back Sunday’s You Know How I Do to Peewee Herman jerking off in a movie theater.

Nick Torres of Cassino, but I can tell he's playing a Northstar song there

If I had to answer the question which I posed to myself at the start of the blog, and I’ve just decided I do have to answer it, I would choose for Northstar to have never ended. As much as I love Cassino’s Kingprince album Northstar has quickly become one of my all time favorite bands, still with two songs left on this countdown, whereas this will be the only Cassino song, but I would also strongly suggest listening to Maddie Bloom and Cannonball off the Kingprince album, and The Old Year and New Jerusalem off the Sounds of Salvation album.

As I was doing research for this song, which is something I rarely do before writing because inevitably it will somehow lead to a hot or cute new girl discovery and that will lead to a two hour search of the perfect thing to jerk off to before I realize I’ve wasted too much time and then just jerk off to something I’ve already jerked off to many times before and then I feel shamed and after shame always comes laughter, or vice versa, it really doesn’t matter just as long as they both fit in there somewhere, which is also great advice to keep in mind if you ever consider direction porn. But I wanted to look up just exactly how many members of Northstar were involved with Cassino because I was only certain of Nick Torres but I thought there was another guy, which was Tyler Odom but he was only on the first Cassino album, and then I was curious what happened to him after that.

As I was doing this search I started to realize that bands are a lot like sports teams. The best example I can think of is Taking Back Sunday – and they’ll be brought up for a third time shortly. I’m on Taking Back Sunday’s Wikipedia page and it says that they’ve had 11 members, not to mention that two of their current members, John Nolan and Shaun Cooper, were once members in the past. It’s not unoften in sports that a player will establish his career with one team then eventually move on, usually not accomplishing much, and then return to the team he first found glory with for his last couple of years. But what reminds me of sports teams is that these musicians will bounce around from band to band, much like many athletes will bounce around from team to team. So I shouldn’t have been surprised when a couple of notable musicians turned up in one place.

If my research would have spiraled into a two hour long jerk session this is what would have set it off

While finding out what Tyler Odom had been up to I shockingly discovered that he was currently in a band called Destry with Michelle Nolan DaRosa, who was the coish-lead singer in the band Straylight Run and featured on some tracks on Taking Back Sunday’s first album, and also the aforementioned Shaun Cooper who was in Straylight Run and on Taking Back Sunday’s first album, and is now apparently back with Taking Back Sunday. It was odd to see how a musician I didn’t really know much about except for that he was part of one of my favorite bands and another band I like a lot could turn up in a band with two members I was pretty familiar with.

I don’t really have much to say about the band Destry as of yet considering I just discovered them today. I’ll link to a place you can buy their music for cheap, and by cheap I guess that depends on how cheap you think ‘name your price’ is. You can also listen to the songs, probably over and over again, without ever having to pay for them, but I’m not sure why anyone would do that when they’re ‘name your price’ cheap.

You know someone is either incredibly kind or incredibly desperate for quick money when you ask them how much something is and they say, ‘whatever you want to give I’ll take.’ Also you should probably stay away from that phrase when shopping for sexual favors. A ‘name your price’ handjob isn’t going to be anywhere near as good as the $13 ones Ke$ha is giving (if people don’t click that link in the next two days that joke is going to make no sense at all) as if any of my jokes ever make any sense.

“I wish I had you in my lungs, I’d blow you up and block the sun. And save everyone from this brilliant light we’ve won.”


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