#57 Dressed Up Like Dreams by Backseat Goodbye

This is one of those few songs that put me in a good mood. But what other mood could you be in when listening to a song with the lyrics, “When it comes to Lucky Charms I eat the marshmallows first”? By the way, I always eat the marshmallows last, the few times that I have eaten Lucky Charms, and I always regret it. There’s a reason there isn’t a cereal that is just marshmallows. Or is there an all marshmallow cereal? Someone look this up for me. To Google! But if there was a marshmallow cereal it would be too sugary. It’s best when the marshmallows are evened out with some of that crappy other stuff in the Lucky Charms (I believe ‘that crappy other stuff’ is the technical name for it).

This is what happens when you try to eat all the Marshmallows at once

The absolutely worst cereal leftover is those damn raisins from Raisin Bran. It’s a great cereal. I used to hate it as a kid, but as I’ve matured my pallet has taken a liking to it. But my biggest qualm is that the raisins always find a way to sink to the bottom and hide beneath the bran until it’s all gone and I’m left with one quarter of a bowl of milk and 56 raisins. Even worse than marshmallow cereal is raisin cereal. Raisins are only good when they’re a complementary feature. I absolutely hate raisins, but I love them in my mom’s stuffing, and they’re good in Raisin Bran, but not when they’re the only thing left in the Raisin Bran. The bran sucks by itself and the raisins suck even more by themselves. Raisin Bran and Lucky Charms are the same in that respect. There’s a legendary perfect ratio of bran to raisins or ‘that crappy other stuff’ to marshmallows that if you find you’ll reach the most enjoyable pleasure you can ever achieve from eating cereal, but no one knows it, and even after years of testing scientists are left baffled.

In general Backseat Goodbye seems to be one of those good mood bands. The melodies tend towards the upbeat, especially the first song I heard, Technicolor Eyes, which I fell in love with from the first moment I heard it. It’s pretty cheesy which is something I usually enjoy. That song would have made this list but I like Dressed Up Like Dreams better for reasons I’m not really sure of.

Little known fact: Girls never look good in bobblehead form

That’s all I’m going to write for this. I’m still too lazy to come up with anything of substance, although to be honest that’s the way it’s always been, but I have other excuses. I think I shall be off to my Veronica Mars marathon. I haven’t watched the show in probably more than a third of a year, and I like to watch all my favorite shows all the way through somewhere between two and seven times a year. With shows like Veronica Mars and Friday Night Lights more towards the 2 or 3 times a year range and shows like Arrested Development – which I watched all the way through again less than a month ago – and Newsradio – which I’m watching all the way through currently [not at this exact moment but at night I pound through a couple episodes before bed] – are more towards the 6 to 7 times a year range.

I can’t wait for this week to be over so I can get back to accomplishing at least something, but until then Veronica Mars and hopefully a nap await me.


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2 Responses to #57 Dressed Up Like Dreams by Backseat Goodbye

  1. Once again, with the music thing, I love this band and song.
    I never knew anyone else that likes backseat goodbye

    • Danniel says:

      I randomly came across the song Technicolor Eyes not too long ago and immediately fell in love with the band. Many of the lyrics are cheesy and cute (which I like) but also heartfelt. Great band and more people should listen to them.

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