Happy Fun Time Dance…

I have this good memory, and it’s weird in a sense. The situation isn’t weird, well compared to my everyday life it’s weird, but other than that it’s pretty normal. I was at a club with Nathan, which is the only reason I’d be at a club, to be his wing man as he tries to find a slutty chick to hook up with – which he was unsuccessful in doing until I wasn’t with him, turns out I might have been bad luck when it comes to getting chicks, which seems to be a common theme running through my life – and Nathan wasn’t really feeling it that night and I was in my ‘fuck it’ mode for some reason, which meant I didn’t really give a fuck and I just wanted to have fun. So I was out on the dance floor dancing, as opposed to everyone else who thought it was a dry humping floor – there was this one couple that Nathan was eyeing, not in a perverted way but more of an admirence (not a word) don’t care, and they basically figured out a way to have sex without needing to be naked – and eventually I made my way over to this group of girls who were enjoying themselves, so I thought it my responsibility to go over and spoil their fun.

I don’t exactly recall how it happened, wait, while writing that sentence I remembered exactly how it happened – I wish I had remembered before I dumbly said I didn’t recall how it happened, now I look like a fool.

There was a couple of girls dancing but then there was a girl leaning against this pole/table sipping her drink and for some reason I decided not to embarrass the dancing girls by dancing anywhere near them, and instead went over to try and start a conversation with the girl who appeared to be by her lonesome – this is my move in clubs by the way, I don’t dance with chicks or even hit on them, I just start drunken inane conversations, in fact it worked out well with that one chick the first ever time I went to a club and I still text her from time to time, she’s very nice, in fact (in fact again?) yes, she was the only person in the west coast time zone to text me back after I texted my happy new year texts to those I thought deserved it, so Megan’s a very sweet girl and I wish her nothing but the best in her life, even though she won’t be reading this.

So this girl I approached, who looked to be in her mid 20s and very attractive, didn’t shoo me away when I started talking to her, which was extremely odd compared to every other encounter I’ve ever had with the females. So we started talking, which was really yelling because these damn kids at the clubs like their music so darn loud, and it turned out she was there with her females friends I walked by who were dancing and having a bachelorette party for the girl who was all up all some dude who wasn’t particularly good looking – I remember that because I recall thinking, ‘really, this is her bachelorette party and she can’t get a decent looking guy to shake her booty with? What has the world come to?’

This is what happened when I googled "lady gaga" and "satan".

So me and this chick started talking more and it turned out she didn’t really like clubs, it also turns out she was 31 which may have been part of the reason she didn’t really like clubs, and she asked me what I was doing there and I told her I don’t really like clubs, which is true for the most part, and then I’m sure I said something hilarious and the whole building erupted with laughter and then quickly got back to dancing to whatever hit Lady Gaga song was out that week. So I was having a nice conversation with a nice girl when Satan in the form of a petite bachelorette appeared.

The bachelorette pulled the girl I was talking to away to go dance with her and the others and like a gentleman I let her go with her nearby friends, but first kindly asked her if she wanted to make out in the bathroom, to which she politely declined – that’s a joke of course. So they started dancing and I was just standing there watching, feeling awkward, too drunk to notice that even though I was watching some pretty attractive girls dance I wasn’t anywhere near getting a boner, and then all of the sudden a miracle happened, and now, it wasn’t me getting a boner, although that would make for a much better story.

The girl who I was talking to pulled me over to dance with them, most specifically her because I’m more than positive that other girls were reluctant to the idea of having me join their little bachelorette dance crew. Much to the quartet of cock blocker’s dismay I started to dance with the girl, and believe me when I say it was beautiful – I said ‘believe me’ because if I didn’t you wouldn’t believe me which would be the right thing to do. The rest of the story isn’t really important, I went to her place, we had unprotected sex, she visited me nine months latter with some kind of little human in her arms, I fled to Canada, and now I’m writing this. But joking aside, my penis isn’t as big as I’d like it to be. But also joking aside we really just danced for awhile then they had to go and I never saw her again.

I was thinking about this, oh let’s say about an hour ago, because I had all these memories flowing through my head of this girl that recently told me she wasn’t into me as much as she had previously led me on to believe. And then it made me think about how it was similar to a situation a year or two ago with a girl. And I was thinking about all the good memories I had with them and ultimately they left me sad because the overall story arc – at least to this point – with those girls ended badly. So as good as all those memories were, and they were great, they left me with a bitter feeling that wasn’t very pleasant.

Then, for reasons I’m unaware of, I thought about dancing with that girl and it made me smile, and then I felt weird because I kept smiling, and then I realized that I didn’t really have a reason to stop smiling (other than the fact of looking like a smiling idiot alone in your room). Most of my great memories are involving girls, girls that I also have terrible memories with. This was just a one time thing. All my memories of this attractive 31 year old girl are isolated within that one time we danced together at the club. She seemed cool, but there was never a time when I wanted to hook up with her in any way so there was never a reason for me to feel bad about not hooking up with her. I like it. Oddly it may be my go to happy memory for the time being. It’s just a good memory. Nothing more, nothing less. I like that. I like it a lot. I think I’m going to continue smiling like an idiot right now.


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