#67 From The Hips by Cursive

“I’m at my best when I’m at my worst. I’m at worst when it’s not rehearsed. I don’t wanna know the goddamn words. I don’t wanna have to spell it out. Don’t wanna mumble what I’m trying to say. I wanna scream it from my foaming mouth. Shoot out the lights and ride away”

I’ve been known to be not too shabby when I’m not rehearsed, but I’m definitely not at my best, or in this case at my worst, which in this case is actually my best, or something. In my Speech class for the first couple of speeches I would wake up the morning before the speech, write out something, record me saying it onto my mp3 player and then listen to it about five or six times on my walk to school trying to memorize as much of it as I could. My first two speeches turned out pretty well, but then when it was time for the ten minute speech instead of the 5 minute speeches this routine of waking up an hour and a half before the speech didn’t work because this particular speech required some prior research and a Power Point presentation, and that pretty much went disastrously. However, for the final speech I really didn’t want to come to class and figured I’d just take a C for the overall grade, but about five minutes before the class something happened and I just decided I had to go, not to better my grade, but just to prove I could do it. So with nothing prepared I’d threw some shit in my backpack and decided that my demonstration speech would be about playing poker and I went in totally unprepared not knowing what I was going to say or what jokes I would throw in – because in almost everything I do I have to throw in jokes, this is why I’ll never be successful in anything – and the speech went great. So I guess sometimes when I’m not rehearsed everything still works out fine. Although I definitely advise future Quentin against it. I doubt he’ll listen though.

“I’m at my worst when I’m at my best. I’m at my best when I’m trying to look and think and talk and sing and read and write like all the rest. We’re all just trying to play our rolls. In a play that runs ad nauseam. I hate this damn enlightenment. We were better off as animals, right?”

I guess I’m expected to answer the question the singer has posed, right? In the context of the song I’m guessing the reason for us being better off as animals is because back when we were animals there was much less thinking and much more fucking. That’s not to say there’s not a lot of fucking going on while we’re humans – I say while because who is to say there isn’t some kind of next evolutionary step in our development in this Universe, a popular theory of which could be that Aliens are just us from the future after that next step in our evolution and they traveled back in time to visit us, and by the way, I don’t believe in God, but technically that theory doesn’t really interfere with religious belief. I think for certain we humans don’t have as much sex as other animals because other animals don’t have authority figures that punish rapists. I’ve watched some Animal Planet, and a lot of it doesn’t seem like consensual sex. Also most of us human’s frown upon incest, whereas before my cat got neutered he tried to fuck his sister cat no less than seven times a night. Am I ashamed to be the owner of a cat who tried to fuck his sister cat? Yes, very much so. Am I more ashamed to be the owner of that same cat who ate approximately seven ounces of tin foil in one sitting? Yes, yes I am.

“We’re at our best when it’s from our hips. From our hips we don’t give a shit. It just feels good and that’s no sin. It’s the only way to feel alive. The closest thing to being born again. And when baby comes it’s job well done. Roll in the hay, oh roll around the sun.”

Olivia Thirlby has absolutely nothing to do with this post; I just think she's cute.

Of course ‘from the hips’ is referring to sexual intercourse between the human species (sounds hot when you put it that way). So wait, I’m a virgin, and according to this song the only way to feel alive is sex, so post hoc ergo propter hoc I’m living but I’m not feeling alive – I have no idea if I used that saying right, I mean I’m sure I didn’t use it right, but I’m not even sure if I was anywhere near using it without sounding retarded, and I use the word retarded because I still maintain that mentally challenged people don’t get offended when people use retarded in a negative way, in fact I’d like to do a study about that. The point is I need to find a way to feel alive, and unfortunately the only way for that involves a whore, and I don’t have whore kind of money. Or at least not whore with all her teeth kind of money. I guess I’ll just continue living without feeling alive. At least until that mail order bride gets shipped over. I wonder what the shipping and handling is on a mail order bride?

“We’re at our worst when it’s from our lips. From our lips we caused a rift, and the world has fallen in. From babble to ball room brawls. Our words have formed a death sentence. And I wish that we had never talked. Our hips said it all.”
That’s what I’m talking about. Ladies, zip up those lips and unleash that clit. I’m of course kidding. But imagine how successful marriages would be if they involved nothing but sex. Nothing good ever comes from talking, aside from conflict resolution of course. But I’m sure sex can do everything and more that talking can do. It’s like ‘cum on my tits if you think I should take the promotion and we should move, or if you want me to keep this job and stay here cum on my face.’ See, normally that’d lead to some big argument about her wanting to take the job and move but him wanting to stay, but now he gets to tell her what he wants without starting a huge argument, and she has cum on her face, so everyone wins. Yep, I can’t believe I wrote this paragraph either.


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