#70 Logan To Government Center by Brand New

“Consider this a letter that I never sent. However inconsiderate it seems. Do you still consider me…consider me the boy you laughed with, or you learned to live without?…I suck, I know I’m late, I know you waited.”

I’ve probably sang the beginning of this song as much as I’ve ever sang the beginning of any song. I love the way it flows. The triple use of consider and then the fourth in the word inconsiderate I find great. I find it enjoyable to often repeat the same word multiple times very close to each other, and often it’s done subconsciously – although the choice to use often twice just now was very conscious – and it very well could have been established in my head as a pleasant thing to do because of my love of this song, which I’ve sang the beginning of many, many times over about the last eight years.

Also I say “I suck, I know,” a lot. Every now and then I’ll throw in the ‘I’m late, I know you waited’ part, but only as an inside joke to myself or if it’s appropriate to the situation. But usually now when I say “I suck, I know” it’s done without consciously trying to reference the song. I think this happens a lot with me from the earlier albums of Brand New, Dashboard Confessional and Taking Back Sunday because they were the CDs I owned before I had the internet and I would just listen to them over and over again. I think it makes sense that some of the lyrics would be built into my now natural dialogue. Some thing like, “you wouldn’t make me not alone,” seems like something I would say, but of course that’s probably only because I’ve sang the line from this song about a million times.


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