#73 Company by An Horse

I like An Horse. I don’t really know how I’m supposed to pronounce their name. Seems easy enough, but for some reason I can never stop saying it like ‘ann’ horse, rather than saying the ‘an’ as if it were the same as saying an elephant’s penis. I don’t know why I had to throw in the penis part. I suppose it just felt right. Yep, an elephant’s penis felt right to me.

According to my Lastfm account I’ve listened to An Horse 368 times, which isn’t bad considering they only have about 12 songs. 368 listens is enough for 32ed place, and I wasn’t aware that I’ve listened to 97 bands 100 or more times, although a couple of those are podcasts, namely The Adam Carolla podcast which is placed right behind An Horse with 366 listens, even though I’ve actually listened to it probably about 100 more times than that. What’s say we learn a little bit about An Horse.

The one on the left is...um...Tegan...maybe.

An Horse is a two-piece Alternative Rock band from Brisbane Australia with a fantastic lead singer who I wouldn’t be surprised if she was a lesbian. Aside from her short hair cut lastfm has Tegan and Sara as similar artists. I’m still confused on what the deal with Tegan and Sara is? Firstly are they really both lesbians? And are they really sisters? And if yes to both of those than are they lesbian sisters together? Chris, I need you to refresh my memory on this. While on the subject of the best, and possibly only, lesbian sister band, I think Tegan has a better voice, but I’d much rather do Sara because I think she’s less butch, and with my little sexual experience (i.e. none) I need to find the few women out there less butch than I.

There will be two songs on this list from An Horse, but there very well easily could have been three if I included Postcards, which I almost did. For awhile I was debating which song I liked better between Postcards and Company, and in the end Company won the battle by a long shot, and here’s way.

The word ‘cunt’ is in the song. At about the two minute and fifty-second mark Kate Cooper sings, “I like to keep my cards so close. You like to keep that cunt so long.” I don’t know what keeping a cunt long means, but I love the use of the word in almost any sense. I guess I love it because I fucking hate how there are taboo words we’re not supposed to say. Words shouldn’t automatically be bad. It should all be based on connotation. What’s worst, saying to a person, “I hate you and I want you to die,” or “bitch you”? Aside from not even knowing what ‘bitch you’ really means, it’s obvious that even if it’s meant to call them a bitch it’s not as bad as telling that person you hate them and want them to die. Even if it was ‘you fucking bitch’ that wouldn’t be as bad. I don’t understand the absurdity behind some words just being off limit and forbidden – I’ll address the word nigger in a minute and why I wrote it out in full instead of saying ‘the n-word’. We sort of understand connotation in nudity. If it’s a realistic painting of a nude woman then it’s considered art and children across America without cable or the internet can jerk off to it on PBS. But if it’s Angelina Jolie walking around nude in Gia, even if it’s in black and white which is considered artsy, then it has an R rating and kids can’t see it until they’re old enough to realize they can buy a ticket to Yogi Bear and then sneak into Burlesque, even though there aren’t any nude boobies in that because it’s only PG-13, which I’m very disappointed about because I really want to see Christina Aguilera’s nude boobies, or at least a vaguely graphic sex scene with a hot up and coming actor…and I’ll have you know that it was only after I wrote ‘up and coming’ that I realized the innuendo, so I should receive no credit for it, whether good or bad.

Now to the most controversial word, nigger – by the way, any girl who thinks cunt is just as defamatory to women as nigger is to black people should have their intestines removed through their cunt. Normally I wouldn’t even write the word nigger out, but since I’m trying to make a point and I’m not using the word nigger in an insulting way I feel it’s fine to write it out in full – although if I were speaking this out loud I’d probably say n-word instead of nigger. Also what good does saying n-word instead of nigger do? I think Louis C.K. has a bit about this in one of his many acts. When you say the n-word sure you’re not saying nigger, but everyone knows the word you mean and they’re thinking it in their head. The only reason you wouldn’t say a word is if a person was around who didn’t know the word and you didn’t want them to learn it, like a child. But what’s the point of saying n-word instead of nigger or the f-word instead of fuck if everyone around knows exactly what you mean?

Really though, if you think there’s a difference between saying n-word and nigger than you’d have to think there’s a difference when you use them in a negative way, so you’d be saying that a person saying ‘you stupid nigger’ is worse than saying ‘you stupid n-word’. Really, do you think there’s a difference between the two? If so please state how. To me they’re exactly just as horrible, except the second one is a bit confusing because the person clearly doesn’t like black people since the person referred to the black person as the n-word, but at the same time the person said the n-word instead of nigger, which means the person has some kind of weird moral compass that apparently allows the person to hate black people but not use ‘bad language’. The n-word and nigger are just as bad. You know how I know this? Because they both mean the same thing.

All that being said, nigger is the one word I can understand why people are hesitant to say. I don’t agree with black people being offended solely by the use of it, because I think nothing by itself should be offensive, but rather how it’s used should determine its offensiveness. But I get that the word in the past, and still in some parts [mostly to the south], the word was used to put down black people, and because people are easily offended it’s easy to see how black people could be offended by the use of that word even if instances when it’s not being used offensively. And after that being said, I don’t think the n-word should be used in place of nigger. I think if a person is going to use the word nigger, hopefully not in a negative way but in a teaching way – I could put a horribly fucking horrible joke here but I won’t because even though I don’t believe in Hell in case it does exist I’d like not to burn in it’s most fiery section – then the person should just say nigger, because as I’ve pointed out the n-word and nigger are the same thing, so when teaching students about history or when reading a book or watching a movie or such it makes no sense to use the n-word instead of nigger.

I hope any black person, or person in general, wasn’t offended by my overuse of nigger, and understands that I wasn’t trying to be offensive in any way to any one – except when I told women they should have their intestines pulled out through their cunt, that was pretty offensive and was sincerely meant to be offensive to any women, or actually any man too, who thinks the word cunt is worse than the word nigger. I would hope that you’d at least give my argument consideration in that words should only be considered bad depending on their connotation. That being sad (that’s the third that’s been said) I want to make sure people remember something was just said (nice) I don’t think the word nigger needs to exist, unfortunately it’s a part of history and can’t be avoided, and with racists and rappers – the only time they’ll ever be lumped together – I don’t see the word nigger being eliminated from the vocabulary, especially considering I used it 25 times in this post.

Worst words in order: 1) Nigger 2) Fag/faggot 3) I guess cunt, but I’d have to do more research. By the way, can someone explain to me why cunt is offensive to women? A good explanation, not just ‘it’s demeaning to women’, but rather why it’s demeaning to women. What’s its historical context? Maybe I should look that up. But first I need to take a shower because I feel so dirty after saying nigger so much. By the way, that’s why I think it’s the worst word ever. Because it’s the only word I feel weird about saying even when in the most tame way possible.


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