#74 This Bitter Pill by Dashboard Confessional

As I’ve made my way down one quarter of this list I’ve noticed that there haven’t been any Dashboard Confessional songs yet, which I find odd because as my previous favorite band I know they have a good number of songs on this list, eight to be exact. It turns out when I originally rated each song, after listening to over 120 of them, all eight of the Dashboard Confessional songs that made the top 101 were no lower on the list than 43 – lower being higher as in having a lower number but higher ranking. I think the longer I’ve known the song the harder it is for me to accurately assess it’s spot on the list, because I give favor to songs I’ve known longer, which I think is okay, but only to a certain extent. I’ve known Madonna’s Like A Virgin practically my whole life, but that song certainly isn’t appearing on the list. Mostly because it reminds me I’m still a virgin at 23. But also because it makes me dance in the most horrendously scandalous way.

The end of this song makes not only for a great ending of a song, but a great ending to a very good album with a very good title, The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most. I think it’s actually the only Dashboard Confessional album title I like. In order it would go The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most, The Shade Of Poison Trees, The Swiss Army Romance, Dusk And Summer, and last would be A Mark A Mission A Brand A Scar. Interesting to me, but not to you, the three titles I like most all start with ‘The’ which I’m usually not in favor of. Having said that I think I would enjoy each of those titles more if the ‘the’ wasn’t in them.

I think to end this exceedingly boring post I’ll name off some of the places that I fear the most.

Guantanamo Bay. Prison full of well endowed black men, or well endowed men of any color really. Any college math class. An alternate universe where the only TV shows are The O’Reilly Factor and Glee. A gym locker room filled with old men. A gym locker filled with male hating body building lesbians. My mother’s vagina. Gas station bathrooms. Poop factories (what are those?). And dreams where I almost get laid but then don’t.


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One Response to #74 This Bitter Pill by Dashboard Confessional

  1. Alex Kunkle says:

    Dashboard in Portland, Jan. 14th!

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