#79 Bike Scene by Taking Back Sunday

This is the first of six Taking Back Sunday songs on the list. It holds a special place with me because along with the first and third track on the album Tell All Your Friends – Bike scene was the second track – I used to sing them in full in album order while taking a shower before school, back at some point in high school, and whenever I finished the third song I would end the shower, even if it was mid masturbation. I’m actually not a shower masturbator. Never have been but probably will be when I get married and my wife blocks out all the naughty websites so the ‘kids’ won’t see them, but I know she’s really doing it so I won’t look at them. I mean I could just go and bye some porn but I’d have to stash it at least sixty yards from the house because my future wife can stiff out pornography and if she finds any in the house that means I won’t get any for at least a week. And by any I mean cake. She’s a world class baker. Sex I’ll still get. She’s a sex addict so she can’t really hold that back. It’s sad really (if only you spent more time planning out a real future than a future involving a wife you’ll never have you might get somewhere in life) Who says I have to get anywhere in life? I’m 23 for Christ’s sake, if we were living in the time of cholera I’d be considered an old man. Okay, not entirely true, I just wanted to say living in the time of cholera because I thought it was the name of a movie I saw five minutes of when doing some theatre work a few years back, but it turns out the real title was ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’ which is a much better title. Yeah, just like you I didn’t start this off thinking at some point I would mention Love in the Time of Cholera either.

What I could love even in the time of cholera is the song Bike Scene by Taking Back Sunday. How’s that for a good segue? Two things: 1) a segue ceases to be a good segue when the person mentions just how good of a segue it was. And 2) I was just thinking about a fellow blogger assumedly named Holly (hollythestrange) because in the very first post about my music list she left a comment saying she liked Taking Back Sunday and she checks out my blog every once in a while and I thought she might be happy to see this Taking Back Sunday song and I was also curious to see how she felt about this particular song, and here I am not having really said anything relevant about this Taking Back Sunday song yet.

Tell All Your Friends is by far my favorite of Taking Back Sunday’s four albums, and it is very much because of the first three songs on the album, and also very much because the other three albums aren’t too amazing – the second album Where You Want To Be has two songs on the list and Louder Now has one song which will come up on the list very soon while New Again has no songs.

A lot of bands first albums are considered their best album, and Adam Carolla has an insightful take on this. A song writer has all these pent up memories and emotions from their entire life and they use that to create the songs on their first album. And they’re trying to make it the best it can be so they’re using everything they know and have and put it into the album so it will be good and successful. And then once it is good and successful the record label of course wants the band to put out another album as soon as possible and the band pretty much as to start from scratch. Like if a singer came out with their first album when they were 25 they had 25 years working towards that album, obviously not all 25 of those years, but a lot of them. And then if the person has to put out another album two years later they probably have to start with a fresh piece of paper, instead of having all these lines written on scratch paper, and ideas for melodies in their head that they’ve already put into the first album. It must be tough for bands to keep coming out with albums and trying to put a fresh take on things.

I give a lot of credit to Brand New because I can guarantee you that if I played three random songs, one off each of their first three albums, to ten random people and asked them what band sounded better at least 75% of them wouldn’t think all the songs were from one band or even mention that the bands sounded similar. Their first three albums all have distinctively different sounds from each other. You can’t say that about Taking Back Sunday, but that’s not a put down because you can’t say that about any band really. Unfortunately Brand New’s most recent album wasn’t different enough to be able to do it with all their albums. I was really hoping it would either have been country or gangster rap.

I’ll touch on Bike Scene a little bit before I end with yet again a disappointing masturbation joke. [Thoughts running through Quentin’s head: oh crap, I don’t have a masturbation joke to end on. Don’t worry I’ll come up with something.] I really like the beginning of this song, but then it starts to slow down and I’d mind that more if it didn’t help accentuate the last fifty seconds of the song which very well may have been my favorite of any part of all the songs to sing in the shower those lonely mornings before class when I should have been masturbating. [Thoughts running through Quentin’s head: Holy crap, I can’t believe I actually thought of a poor masturbation joke to end on, unfortunately it got in the way of my original way of ending which was going to be a masturbation joke about not being able to come up with a masturbation joke, it would have went a little something like this “thoughts running through Quentin’s head: oh crap, I couldn’t come up with a masturbation joke, oh well, I’ll just think of something later and add it in after I’m done masturbating.” A smarter writer would have just picked the funnier or more apt for the situation of the two masturbation jokes and ended with one, but me, well I explained my whole thought process and after all that I technically didn’t end the blog with a masturbation joke.]


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2 Responses to #79 Bike Scene by Taking Back Sunday

  1. I was waiting for these guys to come up on this list, you said they would. I like this one too, I’d probably say that their first two albums are my favourites, I went to see them in 2009 (on a Sunday) and hadn’t heard the first two albums, so I only knew half the set list! But it was good any way.

    Oh darn, whenever I hear this song now I’ll just end up thinking of you. (That sounds incredibly stupid and corny.)

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