#80 Sunday Drive by The Early November

I don’t listen to this song as much as I used to, and a lot of that has to do with it not sounding as good to me as it used to, but also whenever I hear it I’m reminded of an unpleasant time in my past.

Before we move on I have two unpleasant experiences that just happened. The least of the two was opening a letter. It was from Random House, and my first thought was, ‘finally, they’re going to offer me that book deal I’ve been waiting for.’ I don’t know why I’m waiting for book deals from publishing companies I’ve only vaguely heard of, but I am. It turns out it wasn’t a six figure book deal, but instead just that stupid Adam Carolla book plate I got for being one of the first two thousand or however many people who bought Adam Carolla’s book ‘In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks’ which I’ve yet to begin to read. I’m very behind on book reading as of late. I’m only half way through Craig Ferguson’s autobiography and haven’t started on Greg Fitzsimmons’s book or Albert Camus’s The Myth of Sisyphus, which my ex-writing teacher said I should read. What a list of authors; three entertainers, all of which I’m sure you’re only vaguely aware of, and then an accomplished philosopher writing about suicide.

The other thing is that I had my towel folded up on my bed because I didn’t know where to put it yet. I didn’t want to put it with all the other towels out on the towel shelve because those are the towels for everyone, and this is my towel. I’m sure if you know me you probably think I use that towel over and over again to clean up my rainbow jizz, but that’s not true at all, but close. I use it to wipe my hands off and various other things and I’ll go weeks at a time without washing it. Well I washed it today and folded it and put it on my bed and my kitties were looking at it funny so I quickly grabbed it and threw it to a safer area because I know my kitties, and my kitties love to pee on towels. Then I scolded my big kitty and said, ‘you ain’t peeing on my towel, sucka’ or something like that, and then it looked at my back and grinned. I then felt weird and looked down at my oddly damp hand. I wondered why my hand was damp. Then I looked at the towel, and of course it turned out my cat had already peed on the towel. Now I had cat pee on my hand so I went to my trusty towel to wipe it off. Oy vey, I had forgotten there was cat pee on the towel too, so this time I wiped my hand off on the one place I knew there was no cat pee, my face. Okay, really I just washed off my hand and threw the towel in the laundry hamper disappointedly because I had just done a bunch of laundry today, so that towel probably won’t be getting washed again for at least a fortnight.

The Early November is a band that held more weight with me in the past then they do now. I don’t listen to them nearly as much as I used to, but they still have a few songs that I consider to be really good, in fact they have two more songs coming up on my list.

I love the emotion of Ace Enders as he blares out the last few lines of the song. I love songs that end strong, and the strength in the end is accentuated even more because of the calm beginning.

Unfortunately I as always I don’t have a terrible amount of things to say. But the lyrics, “What could you be doing that is so much fun? Without me by your side,” have always stuck with me. I guess that idea of a love one having more fun without me than with me is disturbing. I think in a relationship that happens when one person doesn’t ever let the other person do things without them, which is why I’m completely for each individual having their own group of friends to hang out with. She can go have brunch with her catty friends and I can go have a guys night out that turns into a weekend at Vegas where we innocently snort cocaine off stripper’s fake breasts. Did you know catawampus is a word? It means askew. I think my idea of girls being able to have brunch with their friend and guys being able to sniff coke off two pounds of silicon is a bit catawampus.


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