#81 In Media Res by Los Campesinos

I didn’t realize this until now but Los Campesinos have two songs from each of their three albums on my list. That of course means they only have six songs on the list, which might seem low for a band fighting with Bright Eyes, who so far has had no songs on the list, for my fourth favorite band spot, and possibly even jumping Dashboard Confessional for the third spot. But what makes Los Campesinos so good is that they have almost no songs I don’t like. Even Say Anything and Brand New have multiple songs that I never listen to. But Los Campesinos don’t really have a song, other than an interlude type thing, that I’ll skip over when listening to them. That’s rare to find in an album with me, let alone three albums from one band.

Also for my money they’re very consistent in good album titles. Hold On Now, Youngster… is if nothing else an interesting title. And We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed isn’t only half true for me, I won’t say which part is true, but one of my favorite album titles ever. The juxtaposition of being beautiful and doomed is magnificent. Okay, I’m not entirely sure if it’s magnificent, I just wanted to use the word juxtaposition. It’s the word of the day on my calendar (that’s a lie) not a lie, just an untruth. And the most recent album title, Romance Is Boring, is provocative in ways I can’t even begin to defend. I defy you to give me three album titles from one band that are better than those three.

In Media Res is the first song on the album Romance Is Boring, which is a very important song on an album. The first and last song make an album. It’s the fist thing you notice about an album and then the last impression you gave of an album. As long as those two song are great the album will be good, even if the middle is 12 songs featuring a raccoon farting into a trombone. This isn’t a perfect song to start an album with, but it’s a good song, and surprisingly I find that many albums start off with songs that aren’t best to start an album with. I think in today’s era of downloading songs instead of whole albums it’s less important where songs are located in album order, but to me it’s still very important.

I’ve never been able to tie a cheery stem in a knot with my tongue. I know that’s random to bring up now, but I’m overcome with fear I must be a horrible kisser. This crossed my mind because I was using my hands to tie a red vein, you know the red rope candy thingy popular in theatres, and I wondered if I would be able to tie that in a knot with my tongue. Crazy thought of course considering red veins are about eight times longer and ten times thicker than a cherry stem. It would take the mouth of Stephanie Kralevich to tie one of those in a knot with a tongue – Stephanie Kralevich is a local weather girl who I used to have a huge crush on, and she appears to have a huge mouth, which of course every man imagines she uses to tie red veins in knots with.


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