#82 Sowing Season by Brand New

My God damn knitted slipper thingies have a gaping hole in the big toe area. They were very comfortable, now they are at best annoying with a side of semi-comfort. My choices are to either let my feet go bare, put on some socks, sew up the hole – if this choice is made hopefully I’ll remember to take my foot out of the slipper thingy before I start sewing – or leave the slipper thingy on and bear with the annoyance.  For the past couple of days I’ve chose annoyance.

I like this song because it starts off mellowish, but then around the one minute mark it explodes.

That’s really all I have to say about the song. I’m not really in a writing about songs mood at the moment. Apparently I’m more in a write about the hold in my slipper thingy mood. There’s one huge distinction between the two moods, that being one is interesting and the other is not. As always I have of course chose the less interesting.


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One Response to #82 Sowing Season by Brand New

  1. Generation 26 says:

    I hate it when my socks get holes in them. I’ve sewn all my socks at least 3 times

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