Bed Time Thoughts #3

So what to write about as I lie here in bed for yet another lonely night? I could write about what’s going on in my mind, but luckily there is nothing going on in there (and how is that different from any other time) zing.

My kitty cat, the girl one, is somewhere in this room. The lights are off with the exception of the small glow emitted from this computer screen. I worry where my cat is. Not for its safety, but for mine. At any moment it could hop on me, and that could send a girlish scream screeching through the house for the half second I think it’s the monster from under my bed finally coming out to kill me. This should be stream of conscious, so I put this thought in too,

as I imagined the monster under my bed I thought about adding a joke where the reason he’s decided to kill me, you know aside from it being a monster and all monsters having the unjust stereotype of being evil, was because I kept throwing all my crusty jizz tissues under my bed, ruining his charming abode. That’s not true though. I don’t use tissues. I won’t inform you as to how I go about cleaning up my mess. Okay, I will. I don’t make a mess. I jizz rainbows. Yep, every time you see a rainbow you can be assured I just masturbated (what the fuck is this?) I like bedtime thoughts because usually in bed I’m so depressed, but now I’m writing and everything seems so jovial.

But anyway, here’s the twist. The monster didn’t know that the crusty jizz tissues weren’t mine, but instead they were put there when the step brother I don’t like was living here like nine years ago or something. I had the top bunk and he had the bottom bunk and one day I discovered a whole mess of tissues under the bed. I understand that people get runny noses, but for my money 90% of the time you find a used tissue from a 14 year old boy he wasn’t blowing his nose with it.

The point is that my death was unjust (that’s the second time you used the word unjust, whereas before this post it was used exactly zero times) usually a lot of times when I get words in my head I usually use them a lot usually.

You’ll be happy to know I found my kitty. It’s now sitting on my desk in front of my main computer monitor that is off at the moment. I forgot last time I wrote the room was brighter because I had my TV on with the DVD player screensaver on because I didn’t know how long I was going to write and immediately after writing I was going to watch an episode, or however much, of The Simpsons before I went to beddy bye.

I think because I’m not really talking about a specific anything I want to keep each bedtime thoughts post short (you’ve never talked about a ‘specific anything’ before, and that’s never stopped you from rambling) you bring up a good point, and good points often go ignored.


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3 Responses to Bed Time Thoughts #3

  1. So if you jizz rainbows what happens when there’s a double rainbow? What does it mean?

    • Danniel says:

      Well as I’ve mentioned many times before I am very much a girly man, and because of that just like women I can have multiple orgasm, so that’s when the double rainbows come into play.

      I was just thinking about you by the way. You’ll find out why when I post sometime a couple days from now. It won’t mention in the post that I was just thinking about you, but you’ll know what I mean when, or if, you see. You know, never mind, now it will mention in the post that I was just thinking about you. I’m writing it right now and right where I am I’m going to mention that I was just thinking of you, and then you’ll know exactly why I was just thinking about you.

  2. Please tell me when you’ve posted it.

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