#84 The Truth Is, You Should Lie With Me by Say Anything

“I Caught you looking at my reflection. This is not the way we procreate. Give me something else than affection. Swollen suffering fantasy of hate.”

The truth is I started this one out with lyrics because I didn’t know what to start off saying. Also I didn’t purposely start this paragraph with ‘the truth is’ because that’s how the name of the song starts. Rather it was probably just stuck in my head from staring at it for so long, so when I went to start this off it naturally fit in with how I wanted to start it. I don’t know why I like to explain when I chose to write things a certain way, but I can guarantee you that if I did know why I would explain it to you. [Jesus H. Christ, I just read this paragraph over and it’s truly terrible, I blame none of you if you decide to stop reading….now.]

I don’t know how many Say Anything songs made my list, so far this is the third, and I probably won’t officially count how many there were until the last one is written about, which won’t be for a long time, but I can safely presume that Say Anything has more songs on this list than any other band.

Wow, I’m boring myself. I haven’t said one interesting thing yet, nor have I said anything with even a trace of humor in it. I’m off my game tonight (which ironically is actually you being on your game) touché. Maybe it’s because unlike when I usually write I’m not listening to music, but instead watching an old episode of King of the Hill, which is actually one of the newer episodes of it, which I could tell because there was a reference to Michael Buble, only with an accent mark over the e.? Or maybe the writing sucks because I was chewing on a sucker stick that has been devoid of all sucker remnants for at least half an hour? (Maybe you should just talk about the damn song?)

“You’re a pretty face, you should like me. I want to get used by you. Cause I’m full of hate, just excite me. I want to get bruised by you.”

Again, lyrics have been written because I am not sure what else to write. I could tell you all about how I’m not wearing any pants right now, but those stories usually only go over well with bulimic forums (Are the people in the forum bulimic or is the forum itself bulimic?) It doesn’t matter, it was just a joke. Crap, Star Trek The Next Generation is on. Change the channel. Change the channel! I’m not a Star Trek fan, if you couldn’t tell. I don’t have any particular beef with Patrick Stewart. [Didn’t plan this, but that’s not the last time ‘beef’ will be brought up.] In fact I like him for his work on American Dad. I don’t particularly love the show American Dad, I just like that a person of his celebrity would be a semi regular voice actor on a show of that persuasion. Why have you not changed the channel yet? (You have to change the channel yourself, the readers can’t) Oh. Well if that isn’t a d’oh moment right there (for the love of God talk about the song).

“When you burn in hell they’ll remind you of all the things you’ve screwed up in your life. I’ll be one of them if you’re inclined to turn away from the ever glowing light.”

I actually enjoy that section of lyrics from the song very much, but more importantly I bet if there was a list of the most common phrases used on my blog ‘for the love of God’ would be among the most frequent ones used, along with ‘you gotta believe me’, ‘Jesus H. Christ’, ‘I swear I wasn’t masturbating to that,’ and of course, ‘Jesus H. Christ, I swear I wasn’t masturbating to that, for the love of God, you gotta believe me!’

Can someone please tell me why I’m staring at the guy from Reading Rainbowand a monster with odd looking long hair and an awkward goatee? The special effects on this show are so bad it’s actually entertaining. [That had nothing to do with that character’s hair and make-up.]

“All I want is to see through you. If only you were alive I could trust in you. But now alone in your bed we’ll prove. You do not have to love to be in pain, boo.”

By far my mostest favoritest part of the song is the lastest 39 and ½ seconds. I like adding ‘est’ to the end of words. Screw getting plastic surgery, or dating a younger person, if you want to feel younger just add ‘est’ to the end of everything. Makes me feel like I’m five.

What the hell, they don’t have a tanning machine on the Starship Enterprise? Lieutenant Commander Data is paler than Conan O’Brien’s ass in the dead of winter (What did Conan ever do to you?) Nothing, but me and his ass have beef. And I didn’t start it. But if his ass wants beef I’m more than willing to give his ass some big beef (I hate you) I hate me too.

“The Truth is, you should lie with me.”


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