#85 This is Now by The Right Coast

I am absolutely in love with this song, in a non homosexual way, assuming that the song is in fact male, assuming that songs have genders at all, which if I had a choice over my way of believing I would say they do not have genders, but alas, I shall end the sentence with ‘but who knows?’

I’m not sure how long ago I discovered this little gem of a band, but it’s been within the last six month and since that time I’ve listened to this particular song 72 times, not counting youtube where I just listened to three different versions of it, and I’ve listened to the band 207 times, which is a lot if you considered I only have one EP by them with four songs on it, all of which are at least okay, and three of which are really good or better.

All She Wanted which is probably my second favorite of their songs features the much enjoyed lyrics, “All she wanted were the nights she gave up. I fell in love but she had enough. Cause all she sees in love is turning back to the clouds and giving up.”

Madeline, a slower song that builds up to a nice ending, features the lyrics, “Throughout the brightest city I know, there’s nothing so damn pretty as this girl who gave her heart to the world.”

There’s no particular reason for me to give you lyrics from those songs, because I really have nothing to say about them, I just enjoy them, and therefore they have been written.

This Is Now features lyrics in its chorus that I can relate to very much, “So if they’re playing the song I wrote on the radio I hope it makes you so frustrated, I hope you hate it.” That is where 95 percent of the desire I have to write a song comes from. I think we all have our weak moments when we want to frustrate our ex lovers. And what better way is there than to write a song about the ex lover, perhaps a negative song about the ex lover, and getting it on the radio for millions of people, of course including the ex lover, to hear? There is no better way. Some might argue putting a sex tape on the internet of the ex lover would be better, but that won’t get to as many people, plus if the ex lover is hot and good at sex there’s really no shame in it.

As you all know I’ve consumed a decent amount of porn in my short lifetime. What I’ve discovered is that for better or worse any couple with a video camera is going to record themselves having sex, and guess what, if that girl breaks up with the guy then that tape is going to be put on the internet. I think guys think about this before hand too. I’ve seen far too many videos of a girl going down on a guy and you never get to see the guy’s face (do you want to?) not in the least. I just wish girls weren’t so naïve. The guy is clearly hiding himself because in his head he’s constantly thinking, ‘if this bitch does me wrong I’m putting this on the internet and sending the link to her grandma.’

I have no desire to make a sex tape for that reason. I don’t want a girl breaking up with me, and then just to humiliate me more putting a video of my small penis on the internet for all the world to see (you think the whole world would see your sex tape) I’d be sending links to everyone (I thought you wouldn’t want anyone to see your penis?) Yeah, but if it’s out there I might as well go for broke and get as many people as possible to see it.

Do people really think they’re never going to break up? Or that if they do their spouse won’t put their sex tape on the internet? Maybe I’ve just grown cynical. I really do wish we could live in an era where we could record as many sex tapes as we wanted with as many people as we wanted without the fear of them ending up on the internet, but unfortunately everything must end up on the internet. Hell, the other day I was certain I came across my sex tape, and I haven’t even had sex My theory was that my future ex girlfriend invented a time machine, because all of my girlfriends must of course be scientists, and she came back in time and put my sex tape on the internet to retroactively humiliate me. Memo to self: stop dating vindictive physicists.


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