#86 And We Exhale And Roll Our Eyes In Unison by Los Campesinos

Ugly truth of men, or at least just me: I just scratched myself in my private area with my bare hand, skin on skin, and then reached into my thing of Nerds – the candy, I don’t keep a thing of nerd people around me, although I should – with the same hand and then inserted said Nerds into my mouth not even giving a damn. If I could would I lick my balls? No, not at all. Would I lick my hand after I scratched my balls with it? I’ll say no, but of course you know I mean yes (what does this have to do with the song?) As always, absolutely nothing.

Anybody who is reading this won’t like this song. I can almost guarantee you that. I don’t know what it is, but no one I know likes Los Campesinos. I’d like to believe that their songs have too much going on at once and no one’s feeble brain can comprehend it all perfectly except mine. That’s probably not the reason. I think that’s one complaint though, that too much is going on at once. I also think people don’t like the guy’s voice. I don’t mind it, and I in fact enjoy the girl’s voice and wouldn’t mind her going off and doing a side project one day, and by ‘side project’ I mean me (lame joke) I know, but the jokes have gotta come somewhere.

I think if people are going to like any part of this song it will be just after the one minute and eight second mark, when both singers sing, but the girl’s voice is clearly dominant, the lyrics [none of the information in that sentence is relevant because I couldn’t find the normal version of the song on youtube],

“It takes an educated guess to see I like you little at best. And if you come here for the faces hope you leave under duress. And you still treat it like a novelty, less pop concert, more butchery, and we exhale and roll our eyes in unison.”

I don’t know why I assume people would like that part best, if that being the only part they even vaguely like at all, I just do. So let me know what you think. Or don’t let me know anything at all, but either way I suggest listening to the song if for no other reason to let your self know if my assessment is right. I don’t really care that much if I’m right or wrong, mostly because I’m already convinced I’m wrong.

That’s pretty much all I have to say about this song. Other than that for a brief moment I was thinking about taking it off the list and adding a Promise Of Redemption song. Okay, actually I wasn’t thinking that, but I am thinking that now. Promise of Redemption has one song on the list that’s coming up shortly, but if I were doing this a year from now there could be a few more making the list, but I’ll talk about that when I write for that song.

I’m not terribly in the writing mood at the moment. I kind of just want to listen to sad music and…holy fuck I just looked at the time and it’s two in the freaking morning…try and fall asleep. Why sad music you ask. Well actually you didn’t ask, so I’m not going to answer.

Damn, I was so vehemently going to town on these Nerds that I tore the box. This isn’t good. Now you’re thinking, ‘wait a second, I want to know why he wants to listen to sad music.’ See what I did there? At first I brought up the topic, but if I bring it up you don’t really care to know, it’s just another guy complaining about being sad. But if I go on to not talk about it, it becomes a secret, a secret you’re not privy too, and now you have to know (I’m sure no one was thinking that way) well you’re wrong good sir, because when I read this years from now I’ll be thinking that.

I don’t know why sad music. Happy music just seems so depressing (infinite question marks here). Well in a sense it makes sense – what an odd sentence, I love it. There’s this one song where this guy is singing about finding the perfect girl, and being happy and in love and it’s just so disgusting. I’m not even happy for the guy anymore. I’ve become so cynical. I’m like, ‘fuck you guy. We get it, you’re in love, but you don’t have to scream it in my fucking ear,’ which is rude of me because I was the one who put the song on my ipod and turned the volume all the way up. But still I blame him. He shouldn’t have made the song so damn good. By the way, the specific song I’m thinking of is actually on my list, so if you’re reading this in the future hopefully I will have came back here and posted a link to it. But if you’re reading this in the now, or perhaps even in the past the song must remain a secret, meaning you want to know what it is that much more badlier (badlier isn’t a word) it will be by the time the future people are reading this.

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One Response to #86 And We Exhale And Roll Our Eyes In Unison by Los Campesinos

  1. Allyson says:

    Found a live performance they did on youtube. the music is alright, but I’m definitely not a fan of the guy’s voice. As for the girl, I could barely hear her. In fact, I wouldn’t have even realized it was a girl if you hadn’t mentioned it. o.o

    Btw, thanks for confirming what I’ve known all along. Guys are disgusting. Lol.

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