#87 Art Is Hard by Cursive

What makes a good artist? That’s the question I found myself thinking while listening to this song moments ago. I suppose the question is less about how you make good art but rather how you go about putting yourself in the position to make good art. There are two ways to interpret a song, the right way and the Quentin way. The Quentin way, which could also be known as the opposite of right way, tells me that this song is mocking artists who put themselves in miserable situations in order to extract the right emotions to bring about art.

How completely devoid of creativity must a person have in order to force emotions on their self so they can create something artistic? I’m not against using emotions to inspire. I’m against bringing about desired emotions to help bring about desired art. Above all else shouldn’t art come from truth? Doesn’t fake emotion bring about fake art? I understand if you cut, let’s say your ear off, the pain is real, but because you know you were going to cut your ear off isn’t the pain different than it would have been had your ear accidentally been cut off?

“Cut it out. Your self-inflicted pain is getting too routine. The crowds are catching on to the self-inflicted song. Well here we go ahead, the art of acting weak. Fall in love to fail, to boost your CD sales. And that CD sells. Yeah, what a hit. You’ve got to repeat it. You gotta’ sink to swim.”

I’ve been afraid for a long time that I’m to fault for my misery. It’s sort of how many Jocks feel about Emo kids. That they’re just acting depressed and like life sucks to get attention. I know that’s true for me at times. Although it’s not that I’m pretending to be sad, it’s more that I’m exaggerating it so people notice easier. For a long time I was sad but no one noticed because how could they unless I made it known. I’d just be sitting in my room being sad, as opposed to walking the halls of my house saying, “woe is me, for no girl wants to go to prom with a pathetic loser like me.” Okay, first of all I didn’t want to go to prom, so I wasn’t ever sad about that. And secondly I said ‘halls of my house’ and my house has exactly one hall, and that’s it. It’s a pretty small house.

But my point is that I don’t think the sadness is fake when people bitch about their life sucking. I just think people want to talk about it, but the only way to get people to care about it is to make things seem worse than they really are. Of course it’s for attention. There’s no good reason for Goth people to wear black all the time. The world can still be devoid of all emotion in a tie-dye shirt. I never understood why emotions had to dictate appearance. Sure I’m sad, but it’s fucking hot outside so I’m going to wear shorts and a tank top. Plus I look damn good in a tank top. Emotions shouldn’t have to be validated by appearance.


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6 Responses to #87 Art Is Hard by Cursive

  1. evilkettle says:

    I bitch about life sometimes because it really does help to take away some of the stress, and if you exaggerate to make it sound worse than it is it’s more likely that someone listens. And someone listening makes me feel better because that person can help. I completely agree that just because you don’t wear black and cut yourself doesn’t necessarily mean you’re happy, you just choose not to deal with sadness by letting the world know you’re now a goth.

    • Danniel says:

      I think life bitching is a necessity. I used to keep everything inside but at some point it becomes too much and in my case bitching about it to someone helps me feel less alone. I in no way mind people trying to let people know that they’re sad, I just wish they would do it in ways more open and honest. I’m terrible at that. It’s like being passive aggressive almost. I don’t want to just go out and tell a person I’m sad and need to talk, but give out little hints that I hope lead them to figuring out I’m sad and asking about it. I think I do that for two reasons. One is that it’s some sort of a validation that they’re paying attention and therefore care. And two I don’t want to come out and just put my burden on them by bitching about my life, but if they ask about it then it’s not as big of a deal because they wouldn’t mind the bitching as much. I wish I would have wrote this blog better and more thoroughly. It’s one of my bigger disappointments lately in blogger. I just feel like I could have expanded on things and said things more clear.

      Thanks for the comment. Always appreciated. Don’t know if you listened to the song or what you thought about it considering you’re an artist.

  2. lunarlacuna says:

    I have honestly enjoyed every post you’ve written dude. I think you are a very honest and open person- which is ironic since here you say you wish you could be more of those things. You have a very personal,unique and oftentimes hilarious writing style that I really enjoy. Keep ’em coming!

    • Danniel says:

      Wow, thanks. That’s really nice of you to say. Kind of leaves me speechless. So far I’ve only read your ‘who am I?’ part but you seem interesting and like I might like your writing, so I’m looking forward to reading some of your pieces later on tonight when I have some time. I’ll be sure to leave some comments letting you know what I think. Unless of course what I think if off topic or dirty, then I’ll probably keep it to myself, letting it bask deep within my soul, accumulating exponentially in shame.

  3. Just popped by to see how this list has been going. It’s amazing how you’re making a list of 100 songs! I can’t even put most of my top 7 in order! After 1st and 2nd right now it’s a mess.

    • Danniel says:

      Well I’m glad to see you’re still stopping by. I check out your blog a couple times a week, you’ve always got some interesting posts there. And putting the list together is hard. I’m always trying to decide what song deserves to be in front of what. It gets difficult at times but it’s interesting and keeps me busy.

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