#94: Punk Rock Princess by Something Corporate

This song isn’t absolutely fabulous and will be out of the top 100 very soon, but it’s still catchy and I enjoy it, but instead of writing anything about it I’m just going to attach what I wrote about butt sex yesterday to it and that will be that. (Also this version of the song is apparently titled Heroin, but to me it’s still Punk Rock Princess, just on the piano and slight lyric differences, the normal version of punk rock princess can be found by clicking this thingie.)

Human beings disgust me. Every guy as an asshole. Hell, most guys are assholes. We’re well versed in all that concerns assholery. I’ve known multiple people to take pictures and even video tape their shits and brag about how marvelously disgusting their bowel movements are. Without a doubt eight of the ten most disgusting things known to man have came out of an asshole. And yet there is not a man alive that I know who doesn’t want to put his penis, the most delicate part of a male’s body, into a women’s butt (or in some cases guy’s butts).

We’re all well aware that no fewer than 10,000 times females have released the most disturbing of things from that orifice, but for some reason it does not faze us. It’s a hole, and therefore we must put our penis into it. I’m thoroughly convinced that at some point someone has died trying to fuck an electrical outlet. I imagine God must be sitting in Heaven completely confused at the sexual acts of mankind. “Oh my, what is that man doing to that lady’s posterior? Is he not aware that it is for pooping?” And oral must be even worse. “Somebody get that lady a sandwich, she’s starving and has resulted to trying to eat that man’s penis.” And I can’t even imagine what he thinks when he see’s where that man plans on putting his sperm. “I’ve created a race of monsters.”

I find that stuff degrading. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do it. I’ve told myself that I would never have anal sex with a girl I was in a relationship with, and also that I wouldn’t jizz on her face unless by freak accident. I’m confident this means I will never have anal sex or jizz on a girl’s face (unless by accident) because I’ve recently discovered that I probably can’t have sexual intercourse with a woman unless I already have an emotional attachment to her. So meeting a girl at a club, banging her in the butt, and then pulling out at the last moment and shooting her in the eye isn’t in my future…probably.

This doesn’t upset me. At many times I wish I could be one of those guys who has sex with random women and never gets emotionally attached to them because it seems less depressing then wanting a relationship but never getting one because I’m a pathetic loser – I’m aware I can’t be one of those guys and I’m completely fine with that because I’m not one of those guys so I really don’t have a huge desire to randomly fuck women without having any attachment to them, it’s kind of like saying if I was gay I wouldn’t mind having sex with guys because I would be gay and assumingly that’s what I would want, so since I’m a guy who wants a real relationship with one girl instead of fucking a bunch of chicks I don’t mind at all that I’m not a guy who fucks a bunch of chicks, the only problem is not being in a relationship is a little depressing and I realize I’d probably be happier if I was the other way, but only if I had that mentally, whereas if I was randomly fucking a bunch of chicks with the mentally I have now I might just end up depressed because I’d probably want more with them…the lesson in all this is that no matter what I’ll end up depressed, now back to what I was going to say before I went on this extended whatever you want to call it. But not at anytime have I wanted to have sex with someone’s butt. Okay, well maybe J-Lo’s back in middle school, but that’s before I learned about prolapsed anuses. You shouldn’t google that. It’s disgusting. As for jizzing on a girl’s face, I’ll admit that there has been the occasional time when a real hot girl was acting like a bitch and I just really wanted to fuck her hard and then release my anger on her fucking stuck-up, bitchy, incredibly hot face. But in general I have no desire to cum on any specific body part. And yes, I’m sure all these thoughts on sex will change once I finally have sex (you mean “if”) I’m being positive (so was I).


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