Not a response to David…

I still have a few things to respond to concerning David’s comment, but because last night I spent all my time listening to podcasts while playing online chest – losing to that damn super computer over and over again – and today I’m in school all day and will likely go straight to bed after posting this once I get home, I did not and will not have time to fully respond the way I’d like to respond to the remainder of David’s comment. Plus I have a killer headache so I can’t really think appropriately right now. I have an hour and a half before my writing class and I’m going to spend all that time sitting here staring at the screen, hopefully writing every once in a while, and once class starts I’m just going to sit not focusing on anything the teacher is saying because all my energy will be spent  counting down the seconds until six o’clock so I can go home, post this crap online – keeping alive my resolution of posting a blog every day – and then pass out on my bed with my shoes on just like I did Tuesday. I woke up at nine last night so there’s a pretty good chance I’ll sleep more than 12 hours which means I’ll have convoluted dreams and a drool soaked pillow.

For lunch I had a small bag of sour cream and onion Ruffles and half a small bag of chili cheese Fritos. Quite healthy I know. I was going to make myself a couple of peanut butter and raspberry jam sandwiches but I got into the shower late this morning which means I got out of it late and then sat on my ass for about ten minutes before I started to fully dry off and put clothes on, so by the time I realized making sandwiches was a viable option I would have been late to school if I decided to do so. I can’t believe I wrote any of that.

The walk to school was pleasant except that there were these two old Asian ladies walking down the middle of the street. I didn’t get it. Why weren’t they walking on the sidewalk? It bothered me. My theory was that in Asia, their presumed motherland, most of their roads were quite shitty and made of dirt, so walking in the middle of them is common.  Two things about that sentence: How racist am I that I figure most Asian countries still primarily have dirt roads? No, fuck that. Firstly these were old ladies so when they were back in Asia like a hundred years ago the dirt roads were probably the really nice roads too them. I’m not racist for thinking roads in Asia are crappy. I’m racist for thinking Asian’s are too dumb to ever have nice paved roads. I’m fucking kidding of course. Asian’s are like masters of engineering.  It’s just many of their countries are too poor to afford paved roads. I would actually prefer that. I don’t like all these cars driving around. For one they’re killing my breathing air. And for two they’re big and scary and I’m pretty sure if one of them hit me it would kill me. I tend not to like things that could kill me. But anyway the second thing about that original sentence I was going to say two things about is that I said ‘quite shitty’ and I enjoy saying quite in front of words that aren’t necessarily considered part of appropriate speech etiquette, but I can assure you I don’t care what’s appropriate, quite a fucking lot.


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One Response to Not a response to David…

  1. lianamerlo says:

    At least you didn’t see two old Italians in the street. They think their roads are urinals.

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