Beware: post not funny today! Just bad.

I had a math test today in, ironically enough, my mathematics class. It totally fucked me in the ass as much as a math test can fuck one in the ass, which I imagine isn’t very much because my math test was made of paper, so I guess that could lead to some pretty bad paper cuts, which can’t be good for the anus. Although I’m not sure what would be good for the anus, or why I’m referring to it as anus as opposed to butt or ass, but most importantly I have no idea why I’m talking so much about an anus as opposed to my math test which I originally wanted to talk about. I guess I just don’t think talking about my math test would be funny. But I also don’t think talking about anuses is funny. Especially talking about paper cuts on anuses. That actually just makes me cringe. Thinking about anuses and pain isn’t very pleasant, so I don’t know why I continue to write about it (so stop writing about it) sounds easy enough.

So the math test was going perfect until all of the sudden I got this pain like someone had shoved a pitchfork up my anus (quit with the anus talk) I can’t! I’m worried I’m addicted. But anyway the first half of the test didn’t go so well. I spent pretty much all of the time on it which left me only about 20 minutes for the second half. Luckily the second half was quite easy for me. I find the test becomes much easier if you don’t think about it and just fill in the answer space with random numbers and sometimes letters. I think the second half was easier because it was newer material and I had pretty much shoved the older material out of my brain and replaced it with crazy theories of how the final season of Lost might end. The most bizarre thing I heard was that Rachel would be leaving for Paris but then she’d decided to be with Ross instead (that’s Friends you dumbass) which is why it would be crazy if Lost ended that way.

I’ll probably get somewhere between an F and a slightly lower F on my math test. But it’s okay because it was only worth one fifth of the grade. Oh crap, I just realized that’s kind of a lot. I’m not worried about the poor grade. In the math class I took about three years ago I missed one of the tests and still ended up getting an A in the class. I’m not sure how the fuck that was possibly since the test was worth more than ten percent of the grade. I think the teacher must have made a miscalculation (you think the math teacher made a miscalculation) he didn’t seem too smart.

As you can tell I’m not really in a writing mood. Or a being funny mood. Well I want to be funny and you better be damn sure I’m trying to be funny but I’m failing more miserably than I usually do, which is disheartening to say the least although that’s not really saying the least because ‘it’s disheartening’ would have been less than saying ‘which is disheartening’ unless we’re only counting the word ‘disheartening’ since that’s the word I’m using to describe the situation, but if that’s the case then there are plenty of words shorter than ‘disheartening’ (to say the least is just a saying) a literal saying (it’s not to be taken literal if that’s what you mean)…. And it ends here.

Food? Sad song. Sleep. Pleasant dreams? Hopefully I’ll stay asleep longer than usual, unless the dreams are unpleasant.


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5 Responses to Beware: post not funny today! Just bad.

  1. izaakmak says:

    That wasn’t as bad as the title had led me to believe. I did learn just how powerful the cosmic connection between assholes and math is. I had suspected a connection, but you’ve really opened my eyes here. Now I’ll have to find some way to slam them shut again! 🙄

    • Danniel says:

      well I like to use my titles to scare readers anyway. The one’s that stay are my true friends. And then when they read it they think it’s going to be bad because of the title but it’s not as bad as they thought it would be, but still crappy.

      Well assholes are circles, or are they ovals? Either way they’re geometric shapes which has much to do with math. But yes, it would be wise to forget everything you just read immediately before you forever associate assholes with math. From now on when you think math think boobies, nice big boobies.

      • izaakmak says:

        Oh yes! That’s much better imagery! Now if I could just remember those volume equations from calculus… And what about that limit thing? Lot’s of sexual implications there! 😆

        • Neofreed0m says:

          I don’t know what kind of calculus you’re taking………

          • izaakmak says:

            Jeez… My last calculus was in college in 1981. But I’m sure that we learned how to calculate the volume inside an irregular shape. Not that we used boobies as an example, but it might have made the lesson more fun! 🙂

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