Quote of the Week: Optimism???

When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us – Alexander Graham Bell.

Although I haven’t been too happy as of the last 72 hours or so I’m still in an optimistic mood for the year. Having said that this quote doesn’t really have anything to do with my situation, assuming there is a situation, which would probably be wrong to assume. I just looked up optimistic quotes and this was the first one I saw, and I rather liked it, for reasons I may or may not specify later, or now. I think it is true that when something bad happens to a person they only focus on the negative and not on the possibilities of good that might arise out of what happened. Many people fear moving, and rather than focus on what good might come of it focus on all the good things they will be losing. They should be focusing on the good things they will be gaining, like the new scenery, a new life experience, a new toilet to piss in, and new girls to stock, if that’s your thing I mean.

I am notorious for focusing on all the bad rather than all the potential good. For example when that girl turned me down for the prom sure it sucked and I cry in my bed all night with images of her fucking other guys, possibly Tim Martin, but had I focused on the good I would have realized I could have been up all night masturbating to pictures of her, which would be far better than fucking her I’m sure. Or when I got my license revoked I just sat around at home and never went anywhere, when I should have been happy that now I could drive around without a license which would make driving more exciting because I would have to avoid getting pulled over, which would also make me a safer driver. Or like when my family got brutally murdered by our gardener and I ended up seeking revenge and killing him which somehow got me thrown in jail and then I got so sad I committed suicide, when I should have looked on the bright side that Fox was making a made for TV movie about the situation and I was going to be played by David Faustino. Okay, you may have guessed by now that none of those examples are real. But now I’ll give you some real examples – or just one example, I’m not sure yet – that will be much more boring I am sure.

When things didn’t work out with that one girl – who I will not mention her name because even though no one she knows reads this and she doesn’t read this I’m about to say something she probably wouldn’t want me to say about her – I was somewhat devastated, although not really, and I would argue things didn’t not work out because they really never got started. But anyway I got overly sad and I barely even knew her. I was young, oh so young (19), and I was about to start community college and I wouldn’t have been able to handle a relationship at that time, so instead of being sad I should have been happy because I got to focus on community college, which actually didn’t work out because I was taking one class and I still failed it, and actually had I gotten in a relationship with that girl I would have been more motivated to do good in community college and I probably would have passed that one class and continued to do well in community college and have transferred to a real college by now, so really that girl not liking me and calling me creepy (which is a whole other story of itself) was the worst thing to have ever happened to me. Oh crap, I’m being negative again. No, but time has shown that being with that girl wouldn’t have worked out well anyway. I saw her later at a party and she had a boyfriend, who wasn’t at the party, and apparently him not being at the party and her having a few drinks in her meant it was okay for her to make out with another guy, a guy who she had just met that night and even though I had met multiple times, even times when we both knew we liked each other, we had never kissed, which doesn’t do a lot for my confidence; I can’t even get a girl to kiss me when she likes me. For all of you who doubt my loser status suck on that fact. But I’m being negative again. The ultimate ‘I’m-glad-things-didn’t-work-out-with-her’ fact is that had things worked out with her I probably would have never met the person I currently do more than like, and that would have sucked for my life.


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8 Responses to Quote of the Week: Optimism???

  1. Callan says:

    Eh, that quote sucks. If I wanted that door, then it being closed is failing to get what I want! Screw the open door – bouncing through whatever door happens to be open is what pachinko balls do! Are you deciding where your going then, or are the doors deciding (by deciding which opens and which closes)?

    That said, you can have things, but unless you treat other people as things, you can’t decide to have people. Or decide to make them kiss you.

    So it’s not about open or closed doors, it’s that you decide not to treat people/women as objects/objectives and yes, that leaves you vulnerable. But it’s a choice between definately having an object or having a chance of a relationship with a human being.

    Man I make up stuff as I go along.

    • Danniel says:

      quite interesting. You never fail to entertain me. Except when you do fail to entertain me, but let’s not think about those times.

      I did have a few negative things to say about the quote but in the spirit of staying optimistic I decided not to write them. More importantly I’m very behind on my math homework so I wanted to get to that rather than continue writing something no one would ever read and I would just forget about in two hours. That being said I haven’t gotten much of my homework done and here I am again on the internet.

      I don’t know about you, but when I enter my room and I shut my door another door doesn’t magically open. I get what the quote is supposed to stand for, but generally when I shut doors other doors don’t open. Can’t we come up with a better analogy by now?

      after sitting here for five minutes and coming up with nothing I’m going to say no, we can’t come up with a better analogy.

  2. Callan says:

    And by the doors deciding I don’t Jim Morrison as a zombie starts taking over your mind…or do I?

    • Danniel says:

      I don’t get that reference. I’ve never heard of the Doors or Jim Morrison. I’m young so I only know new music like lady gaga and that pleasant Kanye West fellow. Don’t ask how I don’t know who the Doors or Jim Morrison are yet I knew they had to do with music. It was a lucky guess I suppose.

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