I watched terminator 2 today

I just got done watching Terminator 2: Judgment Day, and I guess it has held up over the years considering it came out in 91 almost 20 years ago, but you can’t really tell. It looks like it came out in 95 but certainly not 91 (that’s supposed to be a joke but it didn’t come off as so). Some of the special effects were fine and didn’t seem out dated at all, but a few, like when the terminators time travel from the future to the past but what is considered the present in the movie their time travel bubbles and the electric shocks around them look like something from the original Twilight Zone, yes, it’s in black and white as well. But anyway, I’m not really here to review the movie, if you want a movie review go to Michael Phillips or A.O Scott, and yes, I have no idea who those guys are either (they’re the new hosts of At The Movies, you know the movie review show that started with Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel) oh yeah, that show sucks now, they can’t even give the movies thumbs up or thumbs down, that was such a big mark on our generation. It was like how Global Warming is today (that comparison makes no sense). Now those new fools give us ‘see it,’ ‘don’t see it,’ and ‘rent it’. ‘Rent it!?’ What the fuck is that supposed to me? (Don’t see the movie in the theatre but wait until it comes out on video and see it that way) oh, well that clears things up rather nicely. ‘See it’ just doesn’t have the same effect as ‘two thumbs up’ does. If I pick up the DVD for the movie She’s Just Not That Into You – which I would never do because that movie looks terrible and I hate Jennifer Aniston although I think Scarlett Johansson is in it so maybe I might watch the movie – and I see it say ‘the reviewers give it two thumbs up’ it doesn’t mean much to me because I think movie critics are stupid, but at least I know they think it’s good. If I see it say ‘the reviewers give it two see its’ I have no idea what that means. Do they want me to watch the movie twice? It’s ridiculous I say!

I watched Terminator 2 on VHS because that’s the only video thingy I own it on and I’m one of only 16 people to still own a VHS player. It’s a combo DVD/VHS player but the DVD player hasn’t been working so it’s basically just a VHS player with a place to hold one DVD but not the case, just the DVD. But I didn’t come here to talk about my wildly expensive DVD/VHS player that now only plays VHS, but it turns out that I am going to talk about that. I had originally bought a DVD/VHS player that was on sale but when I brought it home it didn’t work, so I took it back but I didn’t have the receipt for some reason, but that didn’t seem to matter. Instead they just gave me store credit for the cost of the video player, but what they didn’t account for was that I bought the thing on sale, they gave me store credit for the regular price of the thing, which was like 80 bucks extra than what I paid, so I used that 80 extra bucks to buy a DVD/VHS player that also records with DVDs, which was huge for me because I’ve always been one to record things off TV and keep them on VHS (I have the entire second season of Veronica Mars on three VHS tapes). I used the DVD recorder quite well, maybe. I recorded season 7 of Scrubs, season 5 of the Office, some episodes of American Dad, some new episodes of The Simpsons, many episodes of The Drew Carey Show, and the first season and a half of The Big Bang Theory, oh and also I recorded some episodes of a British sitcom called My Family. But now because the DVD function is broken I can’t record stuff onto DVDs, but I had stopped doing that anyway for a multitude of reasons (wow, that was tremendously boring).

I think that’s it for today. Tomorrow I think I’ll talk about the terminator franchise. But probably I’ll end up talking about my toaster instead.


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11 Responses to I watched terminator 2 today

  1. Neofreed0m says:

    Wasn’t Terminator 2 better than you remember it? I saw the extended version of Terminator 2 a couple of months ago and it was so good. Better than I remember it.
    Even though some of the new scenes really suck.

    • Danniel says:

      No it was actually worst than I remembered it. It was still great though, just not as emotional as I had originally thought. And the kid seems so young. I hadn’t remembered him being that young.

  2. Neofreed0m says:

    Your heart has harden over the years……………

    Are you talking about the kid or the character of the kid?

  3. sololos says:

    Yet you guys did not watch the Terminator TV show. You people make me sick.

    • Danniel says:

      I watched the first couple episodes. I wasn’t that into it. Wasn’t it on opposite Hero’s for awhile? I think that’s why I stopped watching it, although I strongly doubt I would have kept watching it for that long anyway.

  4. Neofreed0m says:

    Those two are not even remotely in the same league.

    • sololos says:

      Yeah because the TV show is orders of magnitude better than the movies.

      • Danniel says:

        Not if you only count the first two movies. In terms of goodness per second the first two movies have a much better ratio than the tv show, by far. But that fourth movie may have ruined the whole franchise. but christian bale tends to ruin movie franchises. No better example than the batman movies. Just ask Thai Son, Batman forever was way better than the Dark Knight because of the acting.

  5. sololos says:

    Not even close. The TV show has a way better batting average for quality of scenes, even just counting the first two Terminators.

    • Danniel says:

      well unfortunately I can’t argue with you because I haven’t seen the full series. But based on the first 2 episodes I disagree with you vehemently good sir.

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