This Will Probably Be Considered My Most Racist Post Ever, But I Assure You There Have Been, And Will Be, Worst

Okay, so I may be starting this one out a bit controversial, but please before you get your panties in a bunch hear me out – especially you Chris. The Jewish people have been hated throughout time, is there a point where we have to start thinking that maybe as a whole they’re doing something wrong? I’m not saying they are doing anything wrong, I’m just throwing out an innocent question. I don’t hate Jewish people. I don’t hate any people based on their ethnicity; I hate them for who they are individually; it may just so happen, and it’s completely coincidental, that I hate individuals of certain races more than others, but it’s by no means because of their race, although on second thought it might not help that some cultures raise their young with certain cultural qualities that I don’t find appealing, such as the enforcement of religions. But again I’m not going to prejudge a person from Utah just because a bunch of people who hail from there happen to be Mormons and I find the Mormon religion to be particularly crazy. And you better believe I’m going out on a limb calling the Mormons crazy, because while they are and we are know it, they could have me killed at any time. Luckily I’m of no importance and me disapproving of their religion actually gives them more credibility. But it’s scary to think that Mormonism is the second fastest growing religion in the United States. Behind guess what? Islam. I actually don’t know what religion I find worst. When you look at the Islamic nations the women don’t seem to be held in equal esteem with men. But Mormons are crazy as fuck.  But wasn’t I talking about the Jews (Jewish people would be more appropriate) if I wanted to be appropriated I probably wouldn’t have started writing on this topic.

Like I said I don’t hate the Jewish community. I personally don’t know a Jew that I hate, although I don’t even know if I personally know any Jews. Sure I can think of a lot of famous Jewish folk I don’t care for, but I can also think of a lot of famous Jews that I really like, and even admire. I’m just saying that throughout time the Jewish folk haven’t been mixing well with others – the way I just said that makes it sound like I’m saying Jews shouldn’t breed with other races, but I just mean they haven’t got along well with certain people. For example legend is told that the Jews may have been responsible for the death of Jesus H. Christ, the most beloved figure in the history of time ironically behind Mickey Mouse (how is that ironic?) because Mickey Mouse was created by Walt Disney, one of the most notable anti-Semites (yeah I know that, but if Jesus, who people loved, died because of the Jewish people and therefore people hated the Jewish people because of that wouldn’t they like Mickey Mouse because of the fact that he was created by a person who hated Jewish people just like them, making it not ironic?) I have no idea what any of that means, which means it must be right. But anyway, we are all of course aware of the Jewish people’s trouble in the Middle East. And then of course there was that whole thing with Hitler. I’m not really sure how that turned out. And now the current negative stereotype attributed to Jews that make them a tad bit unlikable to many is that they’re extremely frugal with their money, to the point of greed some would say. Not me, I say nothing. I form no opinions.

Now just a tiny tangent, and I do guarantee it will be tiny, and that’s also a promise I’m willing to make to any girl reading this. The Democrats have no trouble constantly calling Republicans greedy, yet I don’t really hear them calling out the Jewish folk for not tossing around their money a little more leniently and helping out the world. Not that I’m implying they don’t. Perhaps it’s because it’s not sociably acceptable to call out races on their negative stereotypes? Or perhaps it’s because most Jews are Republicans anyway so the Democrats are already killing two birds with one stone by calling the Republicans greedy. I’m just saying we should be able to call out races on their downfalls. Not that I’m saying the Jews are greedy. But if they were I’d like it to be okay for us as a society to call them out and say stop being so greedy. Not that I’m saying they’re not already too greedy. I’d like to continue to claim that I hold no position on Jewish people and greediness. I’m just trying to say that the reason the Democrats can call Republicans greedy, assholes with no benevolence, and Republicans can call Democrats half a fag, pussy, communists is because it’s in the spirit of making both parties better and working towards a better America. So I’m saying if we could call out races for their cultural downfalls and encourage them to strive to be better, than America could be better as well.

But anyway, the whole point of the blog was not to bash on the Jews, which I’m not doing, I’m just bringing about questions that I have no particular siding to, but I really just wanted to bring up Hitler and America. Hitler started a war to eliminate the Jews because he thought they were bad for Germany, and I guess the world too. I don’t know if you can fault him for that, because we, Americans, along with some others countries helping out, are currently waging a war against Terrorists. I know it sounds extremely racist to compare the two, and it is, but hear me out. Hitler thought he was killing people who were bad for the world, i.e. the Jews. America thinks they are killing people who are bad for the world, i.e. Terrorists. If we strip away the connotations behind the words Jews and Terrorists then Hitler and America are essential the same. At this point I imagine there are plenty of people in the south who are ready to kill me. Frankly I’m not worried about that because nobody in the south is reading this, even if they knew how to. But let me continue. The big difference between America and Hitler comes when you add the meaning to the word Jews and Terrorists. Then it becomes evident that Hitler was clearly in the wrong in trying to eliminate the Jews, and while America is much more apt in wanting to eliminate Terrorists, their way of going about doing it is highly questionable. Not to mention the question of whether the war really is about terrorism, or more for oil? Or perhaps Mr. Bush just wanted to ingrain his place in history; as the world’s stupidest World leader, and there have been some pretty stupid ones. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that was it really wrong that Hitler was trying to eliminate a certain group of people? Or was he just wrong in the choice of people he went about trying to eliminate? Because in a way it was very admirable what Hitler did (uh oh, I don’t like where this is going) hold you britches, it’ll be fine. Hitler saw a problem in the world and he went about fixing it. Just like in the 40s America saw a problem with the Nazis and they went about fixing it. They should both be held in esteem for seeing problems in the world and trying to fix them. Granted we should knock down Hitler a few pegs (just a few?) okay, a few thousand pegs because he went about eliminating a problem that probably wasn’t a problem, but he didn’t know that, and we’ve got to admire his tenacity. (No we don’t) yeah, that makes more sense.

So what have we learned? The Jewish folk may or may not be greedy and might be doing something wrong because people have tended not to like them throughout history, I don’t know, I have no opinion on the matter. Hitler and America may or may not be the same? People in the South hate me and I in no way think they’re dumber than the rest of America, except that they do tend to be more religious, so yeah in that aspect I guess I think they’re dumb. Mickey Mouse and Jesus were both created by anti-Semites. Yes I’m calling God an anti-Semite. Mormons are crazy as fuck and they must be stopped before they team up with Scientologists and take over the world, nay, the universe. And as always, while Abraham Lincoln did help make major strides in abating racism in this country he was indeed himself a racist and we should hate him for it.


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5 Responses to This Will Probably Be Considered My Most Racist Post Ever, But I Assure You There Have Been, And Will Be, Worst

  1. Neofreed0m says:

    Calling each other names isn’t going to help America. They are just being stupid.

    • Danniel says:

      Well, I was sort of trying to be ironic, but on second thought I’m kind of serious. Like in the Democrat and Republican example what I had them calling each other was extreme, but by the Democrats calling the Republicans too greedy with money, and the Republicans calling the Democrats too liberal with money, when whatever party is in power in Washington it forces them to be either less greedy or less liberal than they’d really want to because they have to appease as many people as they can or else they’ll lose power. If no one speaks up and says ‘hey you’re being to liberal’ or ‘too greedy’ than the people who are being too liberal or greedy won’t know they need to change or else people aren’t going to like them.

      Now when putting this into race, where it gets tough to talk about without being called a racist, Black people don’t have the best academic records in school. While Asians tend to do good in school, or at least a much higher percentage of them. Should we just assume this is all coincidence instead of, oh I don’t know, Asian parents being more strict about their kids needing an education than Black parents. I don’t think its races if as a society we say Black parents should tell their kids to focus on school more, and Asian parents to stop raising nerds and cut their kids some slack every once in a while. In fact I think it’s smart as a society to point out cultural flaws, not just race, but all types of demographics. Like we need to tell old people to stop being so boring with their damn stories with the cliché predicate of ‘when I was your age’. We get it old people, things where different in your generation, you don’t need to continually point out how old you are, I can already tell by the number of wrinkles on your sagging face.

      I enjoy some old people.

  2. Callan says:

    I think pretty much everyone should consider whether the idea of ‘race’ actually has anything to do with genetic heritage at freaking all.

    Take a baby from one ‘race’ and raise him in a family from another ‘race’ – what will happen? He’ll self identify as being of that race, he’ll act like them, he’ll have whatever negative qualities you think that ‘race’ has.

    I don’t know if that’ll be a shocking revelation or you’ll be going “Yup…why have you paused, you haven’t brought in some new point yet”. Once in a fantasy novel I like the author brought that up and I think it was supposed to challenge perceptions, but I think I was already on board with that anyway.

    Also I think Hitler merely used Jews as political leverage (oh, he probably hated them too, but the leverage came first). Mind you, America seems to be using terrorists as leverage as well, to cut off certain essential liberties for short term security (to badly paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, I believe).

    Men make so many reasons to murder each other – usually all these reasons stemming from insisting they have a right to live themselves. It makes you wonder if were all some bad intergalactic reality TV. If I’m suddenly vaporised for giving up the game (or worse, lowering ratings), you now know za truth!

    • Danniel says:

      I agree with you in theory. In theory communism works. In theory.

      I’ll never get tired of saying that.

      I’m not sure about the baby thing. I agree with it partly. But I also disagree with it partly. And then there’s a third part of me that doesn’t know what to do.

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