A Post From The Past

I want you to do something for me. No not that, that’s disgusting. I want you to think about all the TV shows you watch, and think about all the characters on those shows (No anime). After you do this for 30 seconds continue to read. Now that you’re back, although I assume all of you just kept reading anyway, I want you to think about what color those characters are. (Notice I said color not ethnicity.) Mostly white? That’s what I thought. You people are racists. Or are you? Maybe the reason most of the characters you thought of are white is because the majority of the shows on TV are flooded with white people? Even more so than a Kanye West concert in Connecticut. (?) Wiggers and housewives who want to fuck him. (Oh.)

Since the TV shows are flooded with white people it must be the TV execs who choose what shows to put on the air who are racist. I don’t think so. But an Article in Entertainment Weekly by Jennifer Armstrong and Margeaux Watson may be implying that. (You read Entertainment Weekly?) Only for the nude women. (There’s a joke in there but you have to look for it really hard.) I once learned from a Family Guy commentary that ‘If it’s a thinker, than it’s a stinker.’ (Speaking of Family Guy.)

As you may or may not have heard, next TV season there will be a Family Guy spinoff show. The show will be based on the character Cleveland Brown. That’s right, the slow talking, Margette Thatcher  loving, Peter Griffin’s neighbor who is ironically voiced by a white guy. And yes the show will suck but will not get canceled for four years because you idiots love crappy shows. (The idiots I refer to are Chris and Quy. Oh yeah and the rest of America.) This Cleveland show, as I’ll call it, will be the only new show next year that’s main character is a minority. Clearly the network execs are racist. But I’m still not convinced.

Here’s a breakdown of the US population in terms of race and color, (more on that later.) According to Entertainment Weekly which they got from the 2007 US Census, 66.2% is White, 12.9% is Black, 15.2% is Hispanic, 4.5% is Asian, 1% is Native American and .2% is Pacific Islander. Notice anything? Besides that it should be ‘are’ instead of ‘is’. (Race and Color.) The first two groups (White’s and Blacks) are colors. The rest are ethnicities. As far as I’m concerned this is not a race issue, this is a color issue. So I’m going to lump everybody who’s not white into a category called ‘Colored’, and lump everybody who’s not colored, which I assume includes Canadians, Russians Ukrainians, typical whites and so forth into a category called ‘less pigmented’. So according to my two new groups, the Colored group makes up 33.8% of the US population and the Less Pigmented group makes up 66.2% of the US Population. But when we compare this to the percentage of characters on TV shows on the main networks it’s not the same. The Less Pigmented group makes up 74.72% of the characters on TV. While the Colored group only makes up 25.28% of the characters. A difference of about 8% compared to their populations. So why is the Less Pigmented percentage higher and the Colored percentage lower? Before I attempt to give you idiots the answer I must go on a tangent. (Why’d you call your readers idiots?) Force of habit from the religious blog.

The tangent (hopefully not diatribe)

The Hispanics make up 15.2% of the US population but only 6.38% of the characters on TV. While the Blacks make up 12.9% of the US population but only 13.92% of the characters on TV. (Wait, only 13.92? That’s higher than their population percentage) My point. The Hispanics or as I like to call them the Mexicans, percentage of character’s on TV is less than half of their US population, while the Blacks is more than their population. But the Blacks are the ones complaining about not being shown on TV enough. This complaining comes of course through the NAACP, which stands for The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Which is funny because they always talk about how you should call them African American’s. So it should be the National Association for the Advancement of African American’s or NAAAA. Which Dr. Cox from Scrubs pointed out brilliantly. (Doesn’t the NAACP involve all colored people?) First of all I watched the NAACP awards last year and they wouldn’t even let Flavor Flav in because he isn’t black enough. And Secondly they just use the other color groups to help them get ahead.
The Mexicans don’t complain. They work by far the hardest for the least amount of money, which is a sign of their stupidity. It’s also how I know I’ll never be rich. The Asians don’t complain about not being on TV, same with the Native Americans – I think the not being on TV thing is pretty low on the Native American’s Totem Pole, and I mean literally, That’s what they use Totem Poles for. My overall point of this tangent is that the Blacks are the ones complaining about not being on TV enough when in fact the Less Pigmented and the Blacks both appear on TV more then their total population % by about the same Percent (to the tune of .05%). Why don’t you idiots Jennifer Armstrong and Margeaux Watson point this out in the article? Is it because you’re black? I really don’t know. But their idiots either way. (At least they’re getting paid to write.) I write for the same reason I masturbate. (Because you can’t get laid?) Yes. And it’s my passion. And for the orgasm of course.

Before I went on the tangent I was going to explain why the percentage of Less Pigmented Characters on TV is higher than the Percentage of Colors on TV compared to their populations. Well I forgot what I was going to say. But it must have been brilliant. (Of course, otherwise you wouldn’t have forgotten it right?) I have, however, come up with something new, although it could be what I was going to say before. The reason for what I stated before-I’m tired of writing the whole Less Pigmented, Colored thing- is because most of the writers are white. And as you’ve probably heard the saying before, “write what you know.” So do you want the Jews writing about Blacks and Hispanics growing up in the inner city gang banging? I think you don’t. Because is seems to me like whenever A person who isn’t a certain color writes about a person of a certain color the person of a certain color always gets mad about how the writer isn’t that certain color so that person doesn’t really know what it’s like to be that certain color. So it seems to me like not only do the Blacks want more characters on TV, but also more Blacks writers and Director’s and execs. It sounds like what you’re talking about is Affirmative Action. And we all know that doesn’t work. Don’t get me wrong I love diversity. In fact my favorite thing about the US is that it’s the most diverse place in the world, possibly the universe. I’m sure it’s a hell of a lot more diverse than heaven – the least white things in heaven are the clouds. Even though I love Diversity I don’t believe you should hire an Asian if you’ve interviewed a more suitable white person. Or write in a Black character when A Canadian character fits in better. Or sign a Jewish person to a 50 million dollar contact to play Center for your basketball team when any black person would be better. I bring up sports (especially Basketball) Because that’s an area where whites are sparse. But you don’t hear the whites complaining. At least not in public. We save it for our weekly secret meetings. Which I can’t actually attend because I’m part Mexican. But I do get the newsletter. And about the abundance of Blacks in the NBA. You definitely don’t hear the NAACP complaining about how there aren’t enough Asians or Hispanics in the league. I wonder why. Well the NAACP might say because sports are different because they’re competitive. I call BULLSHIT on that. Isn’t everything that pays competitive? Last time I checked they don’t just hand out jobs to people when there are people who are better suited (Affirmative Action). You have to go to school and get better grades then everyone else so you can get the few open spots in the best colleges so you can get the best jobs available so you can work your ass off, bring in more money for the company and either get a promotion or get a better job offer from another company. So from where I’m sitting, (At home jobless and not attending college and making nothing out of my life) Competitive  sports is a lot like the real world of jobs. So if you’re 5’6 and white you can’t play professional basketball even though  it’s all you ever wanted to do your whole life and you cry yourself to sleep every night and sometimes you paint yourself black and imagine what it’d be like to be in the NBA and have a decent sized penis… I’ve said too much. And if they did hire people not based on competitiveness and performance then wouldn’t that be communism? And I’ll go to a Homer Simpson quote for my thoughts on Communism, “In theory communism works. In theory.” Not terribly funny but it gets my point across. And all you religious people don’t go saying ‘well evolution is just a theory.’ Evolution is a scientific theory based on years of studying and experiments and not on some stupid book nobody reads but everybody believes in. (Back to the point.) I want more religious Black people on TV. (What) Exactly.

(Finally a new paragraph.) My overall point is that these so-called ‘racist’ TV execs aren’t racist. They would put anything on TV as long as it made them a lot of money. It’s all about the money. Hopefully they’ll put on the new TV show I’m writing. It’s about how Abraham Lincoln was a Racist.


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11 Responses to A Post From The Past

  1. Neofreed0m says:

    Most likely this is the most serious post you have ever written. I like your thought process on this. I would actually like to know what films or TV series that black people have written and compare it to ones that white people have written.

    My theory is: if it is not stereotypical then people won’t like it.

    • Danniel says:

      I wrote one that I think is more serious than this. But this might be one of my favorite things I’ve written because I think I make some pretty good points, but at the same time I come off a little racist, so maybe that’s bad.

      Surprise, surprise, the shows like Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, The Office, and Two and a Half men are written by Whites and Jews, while shows like The PJs, The Bernie Mac Show, and Everybody Hates Chris are written by Black people. But it’s not the like each show is solely written by either only Whites or Blacks. But usually if there’s a show starring most white people or a show starring most black people it was probably created by whatever color most of the characters are. So like I said, there are a lot of Jews and Whites in Hollywood so most of the shows are created by them and the shows are usually at least partly based on their life experiences, and I’m taking it they didn’t experience many Blacks in their lives.

      But in this day and age because everybody is afraid of being called racist most shows will have some diversity in their regular cast, and I think what we’re coming to find out is that it’s actually a good thing. Because even if you have mostly white cast you can put in the Black character, and the Mexican character, and the Middle Eastern character, and have some pretty good racist humor, which everybody loves.

  2. Callan says:

    And someone in a wheelchair.

    Not token at all.

    I’m kind of confused as to the point. The word ‘racist’ seems to have attracted the same emotional reflex triggers as ‘witch’ and ‘sex before marriage’ once had. By that I what is actually the physical problem isn’t described – it’s just acting as trigger word that, after it has been uttered, people must react somehow.

    Of course I’m risking the ‘If you don’t do something about these witches, you must be a witch yourself!’/if your not instantly with me, you must be against me responce, further magnified by this being the internet. But I never learn, so that’s okay.

    • Danniel says:

      What? You confuse me so.

      • Callan says:

        What bad things are happening to people? (or not happening, if your arguing that something isn’t happening)

        • Danniel says:

          I’m arguing that the people who decide what shows to put on tv aren’t racist, or even if they are they don’t let it effect their decisions because they’re going to put on the shows that they think will make them the most money. So the minorities need to stop complaining.

  3. Callan says:

    Yeah, but I mean, what are the minorities saying is physically happening to them? If anything?

    The word ‘racism’ doesn’t tell me, in itself, what unpleasant physical events are happening (if any).

    What I was trying to get at before with the witchcraft reference is that people can get really excited and angry over a particular word, but at the same time can’t actually say how it physically harms or affects them. And indeed in the case of witchcraft, it doesn’t actually physically affect them at all. It shows how stupid people can get over a word.

    If I’m confusing again, lets just pretend were in an elevator and a cool song came on in it and were kinda getting down but trying not to show it…that sounded funnier in my head when I made it up, but now I don’t have the heart to delete it – again I will rely on weak self referential humour to end my post.

    • Danniel says:

      Oh, I see.

      Well the complaint is that it’s harder for minorities to get jobs working on TV, which they complain is unfair. For one they say there aren’t enough related people like them on TV to look up to, because apparently they can’t just look up to their family members or the people in the real lives. Also, like everybody, they’re complaining because these are high paying jobs, and they want money. But mostly they’re complaining because they have too much free time, and need to get real jobs.

      • Callan says:

        That’s a bit of an odd area. For example – if a woman wants to ride in the front of the bus because her feet hurt too much to walk, she’s in pain (you know the example I’m talking about?).

        But I can’t imagine someones feet hurt so much that they simply must work on TV?

        Okay, confusing again. What I mean is that I think if someones home and food is being taken away or threatened because of their colour, that’s threatening the staples of their life. But here…uh, they don’t get to work on TV (in main roles). While, I’m assuming, they still have other work that gets them food and shelter.

        It probably is unfair, but it hardly seems a huge threat.

        Err, I guess given that it’s the media, it gets alot more focus than say someone who is coloured and can’t get a job at the local factory because of that and thus is having trouble feeding and sheltering their family. Instead you get well fed out of work actings whinging to camera.

        • Callan says:

          Actors, not actings. How did I manage to go so wrong in writing that!?

        • Danniel says:

          That’s what I”m saying. Races shouldn’t be complaining about not being able to get entertainment related jobs. Partly because it’s not a big deal, like being forced to sit in certain spots on the bus, but mostly because it’s not racial.

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