Quote of the Week: It’s crappy

Imagination is more important than knowledge – Albert Einstein

Albert, I agree with you in theory. In theory Communism works, in theory. Okay, so basically I just quoted Homer Simpson from the episode of The Simpsons where Bart gets an elephant, with the exception that I changed Marge to Albert. David can attest that out of all the lines in movies and televisions I by far quote that more than anything, and while it’s not very funny it always cracks me up pretty much more than anything except the time my friend believed me and my other friend when we told him licking elbows was an actual sexual thing people did with each other. But perhaps I should get to talking about the quote? (Perhaps you should.)

I think in some aspects imagination is more important than knowledge. In terms of happiness it would be better to have a good imagination than have a lot of knowledge.  If I imagined that I wasn’t a pathetic, loser I assume I would be a lot happier than I am now with the knowledge that I am a pathetic loser. But in the career field I think knowledge would be more important than imagination (what about creative writing?) I think I’ve well established that I know nothing about writing. It’s too difficult to determine whether imagination or knowledge is more important. But what I do know is that it probably doesn’t matter.

Einstein wasn’t a very attractive man. And I’m not just talking about the crazy hair. Actually, having just googled Einstein and looking at his photos as a younger man it turns out he wasn’t a terribly unattractive person, which totally shits on my theory I haven’t even got to yet. But I think we can agree that for the most part ugly people are more attractive than beautiful people. My theory is that ugly people don’t get much attention from other people so they spend a lot of their time reading and studying. While hot penis – wow, I just wrote penis when I meant to write people, this is very embarrassing. (Why don’t you just delete it?) I would never get rid of penis. Anyway, hot people don’t read or study because they’re too busy having sex.

I just can’t write today. This was really crap. If you’ve read this much I sincerely apologize.


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2 Responses to Quote of the Week: It’s crappy

  1. Neofreed0m says:

    You wasted 2 minutes of my life that I could have spent on my project…….

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