Quote of the Week. Numero Uno

The more things a man is ashamed of, the more respectable he is – George Bernard Shaw (from Man and Superman).

See, so I should be the most well respected human on this planet, because let me tell you I have much to be ashamed of (yeah but you aren’t ashamed of any of it) one day I will be. Oh Jesus Christ, how one day I will be ashamed. And on that day I will become the most respected being in the known universe. I don’t quite agree fully with this quote. It’s kind of saying that if a man rapes a child and he’s ashamed of it he should be respected for his shame. I know it’s not really saying that, but if you look hard enough and change some words around then that’s exactly what its saying. I don’t think a person should be respected when they’re doing something wrong just because they realize they’re doing something wrong and are ashamed of it. I don’t think a person should be respected when they’re ashamed of something bad they’ve done in the past. For example a lot of people are cutting Michael Vick a lot of slack because although he killed a lot of dogs he went to prison and ‘paid his debt to society’. First of all people make it sound like he immediately realized what he did was wrong and decided to go to prison. Wrong. Whether he thought what he did was wrong, or if he just wanted to get on Roger Goodell’s good side so he could get back in the NFL, or whatever he wanted it doesn’t matter because he didn’t decide to go to prison, he was forced to go to prison because what he did was horrible. I’m tired of this phrase ‘paid his debt to society’. When he donates a quarter of his paycheck to an animal shelter, or when he does hundreds of unforced hours of community service, or he cuts off four of his fingers – his choice which ones – then he will have paid his debt to society. But going to prison, not by choice but by the enforcement of the law, is not paying his debt to society. It’s him being forced to pay his debt to society. There is a difference. It is the same (in essence) as a sincere and insincere apology. Michael Vick should not be respected, and should not be assuaged of the gilt for what he did to those dogs just because he completed a prison sentence that was forced upon him. By the way I had no idea when I started writing this that I was going to bring up Michael Vick. In fact I’m not even one of the people who is enraged about him being allowed back in the NFL and being able to make millions of dollars again. I’m just a little annoyed at the surprising number of people who seem to have forgiven Michael Vick and continually state that he paid his debt to society without adding the clause that he was forced to do so without the admission of his own free will, unless of course he was to flee the country or shoot himself in the head. And by the way I don’t mind if we keep calling Roman Polanski a great director, but please when doing so can we always add the caveat that he enjoys having sex, after drugging of course, with 13 year olds? We don’t have to forget that he directed great films like China Town and The Pianist, but we shouldn’t forget that he’s a terrible person. And even if he’s ashamed of what he did to that girl he shouldn’t be respected for feeling ashamed. (Well that’s a nice way of bringing this overly long paragraph full circle.) And might I add what the fuck is the deal with France just allowing him to flee the United States after his trial and taking up residence there without so much as a slap on the wrist from the French government? I mean is it just a big fuck you to the USA? I pretty much understand a ‘fuck you’ of we aren’t going to help you in a war against ‘terrorism’ (terrorism quoted to imply that the war may not really be about terrorism) but what’s the deal with a ‘fuck you’ of we aren’t going to punish a guy who did terrible stuff to a young girl just because he has French citizenship? I get it France, you hate the USA, and I don’t even mine that. I sincerely hope that the only reason you aren’t punishing him is as a fuck you to the USA, because if it’s for other reasons you’ve got some problems. Please get the stick out of your ass and force this horrible man to pay his overdue debt to society. And don’t fucking respect him just because he’s a great director, because he’s done horrible things that he hasn’t even tried to amend. And even if he does feel ashamed it barely makes a difference and he should still be forced into prison and raped to death, but hopefully he won’t die until he’s had a hundred different men inside him, each one bigger than the last. Sorry to be so graphic, but rapists really piss me off.

And that was this weeks Quote of the Week. Tune in next week for a hopefully more enjoyable and less anger filled Quote of the Week. And I promise no sodomy talk next week. Well maybe…


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4 Responses to Quote of the Week. Numero Uno

  1. Star Quotes says:

    I like the Bernard Shaw quote you mentioned, another good one would be: “A man’s own self is the last person to believe in him, and is harder to cheat than the rest of the world.” From Bernard Shaw Quotes.

    • closer to clarity says:

      That’s a very good quote. Far better than the one I choose. But I wonder if I can somehow get from talking about that quote to a rant about Michael Richards overuse of the N word that one night at a comedy club?

  2. Neofreed0m says:

    “…the MORE respectable he is” I don’t think that means he reaches a certain level of respect. I think it just means that he at least feels bad about what he did so respectability goes up a bit, even if it is just a hundredth of a nanometer.

    • Danniel says:

      So what you’re saying Neofreed0m, if that is your real name, which I know it is, is that you respect Micheal Vick and Roman Polanski more than anybody else on this Earth in the history of time, even Jesus Christ. You hear that ladies and gentlemen, even Jesus Christ. Oh wait, so that’s not what you’re saying. Okay, sorry.

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